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Apr 19, 2019 at 7:41 PM
    1. TaeSmore
      Hi I was hoping to ask you a question to clarify building to produce goods.
      Can you build a building and still get supplies from it if you do not have the contents to boost the supply. Will the building still produce supplies just a limited supply or will they cost more? Any info is appreciated. Thank you Tae
      1. Konrad the mediocre
        Konrad the mediocre
        If you build a goods building without the boost it will produce 1/4 hours, 2/8 hours, 4/24 hours or 6/48 hours. If you have the boost you will produce 5 times as much. It won't produce supplies but requires coins and supplies (the same regardless of boost). Hopefully I understood your question.
        Dec 15, 2015
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