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Recent content by Kranyar the Mysterious

  1. Kranyar the Mysterious

    A Guild Of One

    If you give founder rights, yes. Leader rights, no.
  2. Kranyar the Mysterious

    New Issue pressing Enter after typing fps doesn't drop fps in GB while u can do the same in Antiques Dealer

    Yup, the UI on this game is a bit scattershot that way. The fp bar is much older than the AD UI, so it is possible the the ability may be added at some point in the future if Inno ever revisits that particular feature.
  3. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Avatars that are all the sudden all over the place

    Ok, that would make sense, but I was confused because this thread was about avatars ingame, not on the forum. My mind never even went that direction, lol.
  4. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Avatars that are all the sudden all over the place

    Ok, because that seemed like a very strange comment, since Inno creates and places all of the avatars into the game.
  5. Kranyar the Mysterious

    New Idea Update the tavern

    I add everyone that sends me a FR because you never know who is going to become a great aider. But just because I add them doesn't mean they stay in my list long. I aid new friends as soon as I add them, and again for the next few days. If after a week they haven't aided back they are gone...
  6. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Avatars that are all the sudden all over the place

    Is Inno violating some copyrights?
  7. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Pirate's Hideout motivation changed?

    From LeCron on the Changelog 1.213 thread: The Pirate's Hideout building previously was plunderable, this has now been fixed, and the building cannot be plundered, or motivated, as originally intended.
  8. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Should I build St.Mark's Basilica or the Hagia Sofia?

    I knew that, just said it wrong. Meaning was remains. Wasn't the first time, won't be the last :D
  9. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Should I build St.Mark's Basilica or the Hagia Sofia?

    You get coins from the SMB when you collect, they get added to your coin inventory, then you open the fp bar and purchase fp for coins. Not a direct conversion, and I personally don't think the SMB gives enough coins to be worth doing that until you get into the last couple of eras, which is...
  10. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Feedback for the Mughal Empire

    I guess the question then becomes If they know, then do they even care? And if not, then why should we...
  11. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Worship Warriors

    If that is the case, my first suspicion would be that you are trying to log into the wrong server. Are you able to log in to the point that you can start a new city? What era(s) were the cities that were deleted? Are you able to access any cities cities when you log in? The answers to those...
  12. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Negotiating Nonsense

    However, players who auto-battle extensively in GBG are likely to already have their tavern boost slot filled with a 24 hour attack boost, so now if they wanted to negotiate they would have to spend diamonds to activate the second tavern boost in order to be able to complete 8, 9, or 10 good...
  13. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Unformatted idea for the PVP Arena...

    Man, I never get any gloating or cry mail :(
  14. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Looking for a 1.9 Thread

    A guild of one is too much invested? If you don't have much time to play or were a Platinum or Diamond solo GBG guild I might understand it, but Silver with the reason not to join a better guild being your guild investment? You are only hurting yourself by staying in your solo guild, but your...
  15. Kranyar the Mysterious

    Unformatted New Automatic Removal of Inactive Guild Leaders

    It is the founder's guild. They created it, they run it, they own it. Who are you to tell them what they can do with it??? If you don't like the way they run it, you have the option of leaving (either individually or en mass) and joining another guild more to your suiting.