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Oct 29, 2018
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La Marchessa

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Laughing about something or other, as usual. May 30, 2018

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Oct 29, 2018
    1. La Marchessa
      La Marchessa
      Laughing about something or other, as usual.
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    Who is she? Of Royal blood of old Greifental Aristocrats, well educated, poetess, supposed to be a priestess but declined. 10 brothers and 10 female cousins - a clan all of which adore her, and will mostly marry each other, so she is obliged to go to endless weddings, which she is immensely tired of. She is odd girl out, no male cousin to marry. No matter, that makes her happy every day and relieved at every wedding. Le Marquis is her sig other - it has never been established whether she is his wife or mistress, but she bears the title and no one cares to challenge it.

    She speaks French, reads French novels and loves witty reparte. She does not play chess well, despite her name. Her parents left all their children to be raised by maids and tutors, but sent extravagant gifts at ever occasion and opportunity, which left her just a touch lonely and spoiled. Marchessa loves jewels and pretty things, and adorns herself with them and little else when out of her armor. She loves to pun about her armor and "amor". Her armor is of the highest quality, if not the latest era. She fights best personally with a poison tipped short sword, a xiphos inherited from her father's side of the family which came from Greece. It was cast, not forged, with a leaf shaped tip. She hones that tip so sharp she can flick a nugget of skin out of a man's arm in an instant as a warning, if need be.
    Skills - Speaks French, some Italian, enough peasant Greifentese to get along at the market, and very witty and fair English. Writes longform ballads, doggerel and occasional poems often extemporaneously, rides horses well, often composes verse out loud while on horseback. She is an excellent trader and negotiator with the help of her guild, and her skills as a diplomat can smooth over most tense situations.
    What is she proud of
    ? Her fighting abilities, which she demanded to learn alongside her brothers, and was not the least capable of the lot. She also trained in music appreciation and singing, but not in playing - it was either the harp or the short sword- she chose the latter.
    What are her strengths?
    Her joie de vivre, as it was put by Darheel, her gracious manners, her poetry, her sharp intellect and soft words of love.
    She is weak for ultra vacations and gems and jewels of all kinds. She will not chase a man, and that works against her own interests sometimes. Romance and the downtrodden are also weaknesses.
    Her appearance - Red blond hair so radiant she shorns it at her ears sometimes to hide it under her helmet - no need to give her presence away in battle. Caledonian eyes, a hint of sensuality in the bow of her lips, an athletic figure and a birthmark that looks like an eternal hickey on her neck.