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    What is the formula for the 1.9 thread?

    your prime points is the difference between the total and 3.8*1st, so To prime for top 2 spots at 1.9 Take 1st rewards x3.8 - total If the result +, no need to prime
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    Does City Defense Really Matter Anymore?

    I just collect on time and use shield if needed. Save my space for attack buildings.
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    Archaeology 2020 Feedback

    I built no defense city. Not interested in this event. Skip!
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    Diamond Farming proggress

    Biggest diamond farm city I have seem is from NeutralFool, check her every world cities lol.
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    ARC level 80

    Use your arc with your chateau to gain even more rewards.
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    Increase maximum of medal donation to treasury on PC

    On mobile the cap is at 100,776,777 I tried to donate 400m and got disconnected from the game.
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    [Question] Is it Possible to Create a City of GBs, no Event Buildings

    If you don’t fight, having just arc and cf is all you need.
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    Fastest and strongest in Jaims

    You might be the fastest, strongest? Doubt it. A few measurements to know how strong you are: Your attack bonus % Your gbs level Your daily fps income Your fps stock Your medal count
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    Chateau Frontenac for younger cities worth it?

    The Arc and Cf are great tools if you know how to utilized them to your advantage.
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    I thought BG reset at 12 server time mines not reset ?

    1:23 hours pass reset, yet my attrition still not zero out. I am in brisgard.
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    St. Patrick's Day 2020 Event Feedback

    I manage to get a full sets plus 3 Druid willows, so i get 4 levels 2 Druid willows for 24% defense. My set up doesn’t care about other boost, just get the Druid willows to work: Top row: Faery rings/Druid willow/Druid willow/majestic fawn + standing stone Bottom row: Druid willow/Moon gate/...
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    Statue of Honor Level 2 Imbalance

    I just put in 10 level 1 in then upgraded it from there, work great with a high level BG.