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Recent content by Lady Rainna

  1. Lady Rainna

    November Competition

    B3 E3 B7 E7 send prize to Houndsmoor
  2. Lady Rainna

    August Contest - Summer Event!

  3. Lady Rainna

    Incidence of incidents

    why do some of them just disappear when you click them with no reward? Been going on for some time now
  4. Lady Rainna

    Looking For A Galata Owner…

    I have one, jump on, I will continue to upgrade it
  5. Lady Rainna

    St.Patrick's Event 2021 Feedback

    I am wondering why there are TWO grand prizes between the Druid prize. Most games have one. I will not be able to get a level 10 Druid without spending precious diamonds. I'm only doing this on one world, it drives me a bit batty. LOL
  6. Lady Rainna

    St. Patrick's Event 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    I'm somewhere around Quest 36 and I got ANOTHER Event Surprise Box that says to wait 28 days to open it. Could this possibly be for the next, maybe Easter Event?
  7. Lady Rainna

    Forge Bowl 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    I have a question. Who thinks it's a fair trade to pay one million and a half coins for a 10% coin boost? Because that's what it cost when completing a quest and move your guy 101 football points on the field for a 10% coin boost. I really wish Inno would stop making the requirements so high for...
  8. Lady Rainna

    Already Suggested Color coded dots on friends tab

    Proposal: there are color dots used in the Guild-Members page, indicating activity whether active, away 2 days or more or inactive for 7 days or more. I propose that these same color code dots be used in the friends tab. Currently we must go through all the pages in News-Events, to search by...
  9. Lady Rainna

    Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    I don't want a building that is not complete at the time the Event is over. You mentioned possibly two more years to get upgrades to take it to the highest level. That's way too long to finish leveling a building that may be nearly obsolete by the time two years has gone by. Just sayin'
  10. Lady Rainna

    Can't unlock next Guild Expedition level?

    I'm on PC, and Agent327 gave me the answer, thanks for your kind reply
  11. Lady Rainna

    Can't unlock next Guild Expedition level?

    Thank you so much!
  12. Lady Rainna

    Can't unlock next Guild Expedition level?

    my Guild founder is away for several days and we have member asking to have GE unlocked. It appears my founder has given me all rights ( and never told me, I found out by going to look for him under Members!) I have no idea how to get to the screen to unlock a GE level. I have gone to Admin...
  13. Lady Rainna

    Why the constant freezing?

    I had this problem, bad, only with the battles in GE, and Battlegrounds. The city actions worked fine. As it happened , in the beginning of the problem, sometime last year, I was using Chrome. I switched to Firefox and it seemed to improve the situation. Now, for the last month , at least...
  14. Lady Rainna

    Archaeology 2020 Feedback

    Ok, it runs from May 5th to May 25, inclusive so that's 21 days. There are 39 quests to get through before we reach the dailies? Then 21 dailies? That gives you 4 days to get through the first 39? Am I missing something here?