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    We are constantly looking for player's of all age's.

    If you wish to have even the slightest chance of successful recruitment then you need to add to your post the guild's name, what world you are talking about, and what requirements there is if any. You could also post this in the section for that particular world.
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    This should have been placed in the feedback thread and I will be closing this thread.
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    Explains why I haven't seen you then, lol.

    Explains why I haven't seen you then, lol.
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    Quests and Unplanned Age jumps

    I'm moving this to forge hall since this isn't a proposal.
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    Lol @[18005:@Stephen Longshanks]

    Lol @[18005:@Stephen Longshanks]
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    GE Impact to Guild Ranking?

    I'm leaving this comment here because it does my job for me. This may be viewed as off topic by some which it is, but it was too correct the previous off topic posts. Thank you, but in the future you could just report it though. As for the rest of the conversation beyond this comment, please...
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    whats the most painful thing that ever happened to you?

    On May 6th, 2011 , I was working two jobs at the time. One was 3pm -11pm working at a highly rated 4 star resort called Rocky Gap Hotel and Golf Resort ( now it's Rocky Gap Hotel, Casino, and Golf Resort), and the other one was actually two different newspaper routes that I did from 1am -...
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    [Answered] Diamond Expansion

    With the link that you have already provided at the beginning of this post, it literally has the information that you seek. It's laid out with a chart showing costs of coins/diamonds and the increase in those costs per numbered expansions. It's in the section under Expansion Fees.
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    To add to what @[18005:@Stephen Longshanks] said, once you do have those things ready and have...

    To add to what @[18005:@Stephen Longshanks] said, once you do have those things ready and have friends of yours that want the link to them, then I suggest you do it privately.
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    GVG on mobile

    This is not a proposal and therefore I will be moving it to forge hall.
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    Kicking members during the expedition

    Exactly! This is the best way of doing it by far.
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    Kicking members during the expedition

    This is another scenario that sometimes happens as well. If the member is a good loyal member that contributes a good bit with GE, and they are going away for a week or two, and plan on returning; it's best to do it before the start of the next GE, that way he/she won't hurt the guild's...
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    Castel del Monte, Star Gazer or Virgo Project

    I would have to go with the CdM personally.
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    Allow road connection to be seen on reconstruction mode

    +1. Like @Stephen Longshanks had already said, very nice proposal @Cenisa.
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    How many HoFs are to much?

    I used to keep and use them but I decided that the space was much better served with other buildings and decided to delete them. This was well before the Antique Dealer.