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    Connect Forum account to game account.

    Yeah, and also it keeps from players in game knowing that you are a forum mod. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd be getting messages all the time in game.
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    Connect Forum account to game account.

    I'm currently having an issue with this as well because my game account has a different name than my forum account and so I was unable to link them myself. Support may end up having to change my forum account name to match my game account. I'm still trying to figure it out.
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    Connect Forum account to game account.

    Your forum account would be deleted not the in game account.
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    Unformatted New Guild Member Notification

    This is not apart of the authors idea, but it is in the same concept of the title of this thread. First off, I'm only on mobile and I'm unsure if this is something that already is available on pc or not. The only thing that I don't like about when new members join my guild, (I'm a leader, not...
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    most expensive item in auction

    I was going to say the same thing. Just two years ago I'd say is whenever they slowly started to go down in popular value. Right afterwards though, it seemed to take even more of a drastic depreciation all of a sudden. I still have a boat load in my two worlds, but in times where something...
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    What is your favorite car??

    Obviously, with my name my favorite "newer" car is a Lancer. However, whenever I went to buy a new Lancer I couldn't find one that I loved (manual transmission was a must. ) If I had went for the EVO it was another like 12-15gs so I decided on a 2010 Scion TC (my profile picture,) and I...
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    What worlds are you on?

    Jaims and Yorkton
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    Should I dump my Hanami Bridge?

    I only play in two worlds; Jaims and Yorkton; Jaims is my main world and I've been playing for around 5 years. With what I had at the end of the event, including the upgrade kits, I just didn't see any value in it to me personally to remove any of my current buildings to free up enough space to...
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    Should I dump my Hanami Bridge?

    I too have been practicing this for the last several events. If I didn't like what the end result was going to be, with all the upgrades, then I would keep it in the inventory or sell it in the AD to possibly help acquire a potential upgrade for another prior event building. This has already...
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    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Regardless of what becomes of this thread, it is an interesting thought. I'm talking about the insight of research items possibly being edited to include the COVID-19 research related stuff. Since it has affected people worldwide, I found this notion interesting. I realize that this is...
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    I second that statement at the end of your post @Emberguard . I too liked the coaches from the...

    I second that statement at the end of your post @Emberguard . I too liked the coaches from the last one.
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    How common is it for higher era players to experience problems with happiness?

    In my main world of Jaims, whenever everything is motivated, I will usually have around 30k extra in happiness. However, once I do my collection afterwards, and the motivated buildings that supply happiness run their time and it goes back to just regular output, I tend to just have my city...
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    My next GBs

    The next GB that I shoot for will be Terracotta Army. It may be a while before I can make it happen, unless I can find someone who is selling VF/ Terracotta Army goods. I'm only in CE and I won't be moving up in age for a little while yet.
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    Plunder progress

    This thread has officially surpassed 3,000 replies and I had even thought that once this would happen that it should become a pinned thread so that it will always show up at the top of the page. I mentioned this several months ago, (I wasn't being serious), but it is a good idea!
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    You win some and you loose some!

    You win some and you loose some!