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Recent content by Lankybrit

  1. Bakeries

    He means that the bonus for being next to 1 bakery is way better than the 2nd bonus for being against 2. Not cumulatively obviously.
  2. New Issue Mobile App Update Problems (v1.88)

    On iPhone 8. I log in, select a world. It starts loading with the leaves falling, and then freezes at 0%. A workaround I've found is hitting the home button and opening the app again, and then it sometimes loads.
  3. Modern Era Troops question

    Thanks. Got rid of it. Cheers.
  4. Modern Era Troops question

    Thanks all. I'm an Auto battler, and I've found that the computer doesn't do well with Paratroopers. I will go with Bazookas instead. Another quick question. Should I get rid of my Drummer Camp, which, although it provides a combat bonus, is diluting the units I get from Traz?
  5. Modern Era Troops question

    Thanks Goth. I have got tons of FP producing, and about 10 GBs and lots of Special Buildings. Pest: Paratrooper complements the Tank/Artillery better than Bazooka IMHO. Paras get bonuses against Light and Artillery. Bazookas against Heavy and Artillery. Heavy is covered by the Mech Artillery.
  6. Modern Era Troops question

    Thanks both.
  7. Don't bother grinding through Aztecs?

    I tried the Aztecs but gave up after I got the quest for 2 Maize Farms and every stinking expansion space had massive impediments in the middle of them. Back to Vikings and Japan I go.
  8. Modern Era Troops question

    Hi, I recently moved to the Modern Era. I have the ability to build all troop buildings, but I'd like to build only 3 and save space by not building 2. I have the Traz, so getting units for the ones I build will be no issue at all. I'm thinking of keeping the Battle Tank, Mech Artillery, and...
  9. Eliminate incidents in the road

    Oh yeah, that's really easy compared to what you need to do for other incidents /heavy sarcasm I agree that they should be removed, like the OP. They are such a pain.
  10. Modern Era Question

    Thanks both!!
  11. Modern Era Question

    Hi, I'm about to move up to Modern Era on one World. I know that it's the first to have refined goods. All my GBs will now produce un-refined goods. However, I'm unsure about what special event buildings will produce. If I upgrade one to Modern, will it give refined goods or 2 x un-refined...
  12. Feedback for update 1.190

    Where's the update? Why isn't it linked?
  13. Halloween Event 2020 Feedback

    I love this event too. It seems like it's going to be the easiest to get the event building upgraded. On the world where I've bought 395 packages and played the event and am now caught up to the Daily quests, I have a level 6 HoH, with still two upgrades to come from the quests!!
  14. Halloween Event 2020 Feedback

    This looks like a really fun event with a great reward building. Single currency and single building are my favorite types of events. The minus happiness will not be an issue on any of my worlds, so this will be great. Going for the Wolf one on each world I think.
  15. Unformatted Have an 'add all' option when posting trades in trade threads

    Hi, Idea: In a Guild's Trade thread, instead of having to click on each trade to add it to the message, have an 'add all' or 'add all trades' option. Reason: It seems un-necessary to have to click on every trade to add it to a message. It also leads to mistakes if you have a lot of trades...