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  • either they did or that list was updated to reflect it. All I can say for certain, is that they are telling me that yes that list is accurate.
    got word back, it is all still correct.
    but I'll double check with HS just to be sure I didn't miss something in the last update.
    Yeah, sorry. never noticed the post on that thread. it's so old. :)

    That list is accurate for the expiration times as they are now.
    Hi i am careyws3, Ihave not been playing long and in a newly formed guild. I read your post about the Guild Forum Basics it was very helpful. In it you talked about the invite right being able to read hidden information in the guild forum. My question is do you have any more information about the rest of the rights in the guild. Thank You for your time.
    I am being muzzled so as everyone doesn't see that there are double standards.
    Diggo came on an removed my comment.
    Silly pop-up blocker. Copy of the message:

    I felt like I was watching a movie scene of a case in court where one side is getting owned in no other way but being presented their past statements.
    Thank you for tonight's entertainment. ;)

    *thumbs up*
    I cleaned up your siggie for you.
    If you want to use it, simply copy and paste IMG][/IMG] (adding the [ at the very beginning in the white box under edit signature.

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