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  • They made Agent a mod?? The guy who argues just for the sake of it so we think his bat is bigger than everyone elses? Who the heck makes these decisions? That made me laugh to see his little badge ... bet he loves it
    I see the forums are still full of self important plonkers scrambling to *win* the internet war *rolls eyes*
    ForGotten!! You can't be online, I am! Me and you is the same :-D
    Oh no, more fuel for Ardak's misled conspiracy!!
    "Threads like this to cause trouble are not and will not be tolerated. This is being strictly enforced." *whispers* 12hours too late ...
    Shame on them!
    Not to complain but they why did they not see it before and close it lol, the mods were online looking long before I msged them about the thread.
    Is snowbelle really opening up closed threads to comment and then close again?
    Stephen Longshanks
    I direct messaged her about half an hour ago, but she didn't respond, and she's disappeared for now.
    Snowbelle is done with proposals for tonight. I pulled the last two pages to the present. We are trying to clear everything up. Please just give us a day or two
    I understand trying to clear the forums up my comment is directed at the threads you had no need to open and comment on ... one being a rather snippy comment too ;-)
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