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  1. October contest

    Collect tribute. (Plunder) Xyr usa
  2. No auto scrolling message threads.

    It seems no one cares that message threads can be nearly impossible to read.
  3. GE Contribution Listings

    I am always looking for the stragglers in GE on our guild. Nominate for voting.
  4. Extra-Turn Timer Display in GE

    Love the idea. Hope to see it in voting.
  5. No auto scrolling message threads.

    Proposal Do not auto scroll message threads on new posts. Current System Every new post causes the thread you are reading to automatically scroll to the most recently made post in the thread. Details This one is pretty simple. Just don't change what the player is looking at on new posts...
  6. Largest city ?

    I know of a monster sized IA city. Aedesia the Hunter on Xyr has most of the medals expansions and campaign map expansions in play.
  7. Which do you support most and why? (Select 1 or more)

    Back when the Constitution was framed and the bill of rights was written, military weapons were owned by town run militias. They were locked up unless the town militia was training or fighting. Do we still have something similar? Yes, it is now called the national guard and is run by each...
  8. Game Hangs when receiving Diamonds from Aiding

    From the thread it is clear that it has happened 4 times, and that he has received diamonds from aiding with helping hands active 4 times, .and that all 4 times were on the PC with HTML 5.
  9. Which do you support most and why? (Select 1 or more)

    There have been documented cases of guns during uncommanded and killing people . Yes, rare. Winchester arms had a trigger that could fire when cold if the gun was bumped. If the gun happened to be pointed at someone, they would be hit. Guns make it easier for people to kill other people...
  10. Net-Neutrality for non Americans

    Net neutrality repeal in the US appears to affect consumers connected through ISPs in the US. The ISPs would be allowed to throttle or block sites they didn't like, or that used too much bandwidth, or charge information providers to access the ISPs customers. That is pretty much the entire...
  11. New debate on Feild Soberity Test for Marijuana

    First the police officer has to suspect you are driving impaired. Weaving in the lane, missing stop signs and such. Then they get to do a field sobriety test. This tests your control of your body and your ability to follow instructions. This generated the call for a screening test. In the...
  12. What is kind?

    I do charity work of many sorts. I plunder everyone I can in my hood..
  13. Joining Guilds

    It would be really nice for this to make it to mobile as well.
  14. The latest on Global warming.

    When over 95% of peer reviewer articles agree that global warming exists, and that it is caused by humans, there would appear to be a consensus. Then when you consider that the funding source for almost all of the articles that disagree are funded by oil companies directly, or indirectly, you...
  15. The latest on Global warming.

    Local weather is not the same as global climate. Yes, there is natural variation, but the off cited solar differences due to orbit ought to be making the climate colder at the moment, yet 8 of the 10 hottest years on record are in the last 10 years. Since the oxygen is coming from the air...