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Recent content by Lord Pest

  1. Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

    I met my goal for this event. Spent my stash of 4K drinks and got 9 winners plaza selection kits. I play the middle game all the time and every year I tell myself to try the hard game and see if it makes a difference but I never do. This is one event I would never pay to play.
  2. Worst GBG map you’ve seen

    List it… Last season we had the worst map I’ve seen… just one 3 slot building tile on the entire map at a2t. Has anyone see a worse map?
  3. Temple of Relics Rewards Nerfed?

    With a 100 level ToR the odds say 50% silver relic, and a 50% chance at getting either a gold or jade relic when you do win a relic. That is working ok. No complaints there. It’s the over under chance of getting 21 relics a season. The under wins 90% of the time. Highest total was 24 relics...
  4. FP Donation etiquette question

    I’m on Korch… feel free to donate more than 1.9 on any of my GBs at any time. Thanks in advance.
  5. Temple of Relics Rewards Nerfed?

    I’ve had a level 100 ToR for over 6 months. At 33.75% I should average 21 relics every GE. The most relics I’ve gotten in a season is 24. The least is 11. I just feel the over average value is too low. I do 64 encounters every week. Anyone else with a decent ToR see the same? Also going...
  6. Can you delete blueprints?

    Hey! You make it sound like the Colosseum is not worth building.
  7. guild continent map

    This just reminds me of one of my favor movies… Cool Hand Luke… what we have here is failure to communicate
  8. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    This is the worst map I’ve seen since GBG started. One 3 slot tile (A2t) on the entire map. Same map partners so that hasn’t changed for us yet.
  9. Lack of troops

    Lankybrit is right. Get a high level Traz. Have one already? Get both the attack and defensive bonus of your attacking army higher. Did that already? You need to fight smarter. Sit out of A few GBG seasons to build up your troop count. Then cut back on fight numbers till you reach a...
  10. PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    both the AO and the Kraken work everywhere in the game. Nerfing them for the PvP tower makes no sense to me. Why not nerf the other offensive fighting GBs or nerf the defensive bonuses the SBC, deal castle, ritual flames etc gives you?
  11. Archaeology Event 2021 Feedback

    of course there is no realistic goal that can get you the clay tablets or even find even 1 gold idol as they are random.
  12. PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    From reading the announcement it sounds like the bonuses from the AO and the Kraken are not activated.
  13. Archaeology Event 2021 Feedback

    Without diamonds I completed the Ferris wheel + 4 more selection kits. Completed both the calendar and the clay tablets for the historian award. The clay tablets were tricky I was missing 3 of them and today they pop up and I was able to complete their quest lines. The secret is setting a...