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Recent content by Lord Pest

  1. story quest

    Give us the story quest name and the age it is from.
  2. Forge Bowl 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    A city that is set up to do GE64 each week and do 4K+ fights in GBG each season turns out to be good at minting diamonds too.
  3. How long does AF to SAAB take?

    Yes, so does the VF map.. I’m on the second SAM map and that takes 30 hours to scout each province. You can reduce the scout time to zero with diamonds. That’s a lot of diamonds on each age plus to negotiate some of the sectors in each province need special goods. Rushing gets expensive.
  4. How long does AF to SAAB take?

    up until AF it was easy to rush the tech tree. You needed a good bank of fp, and goods acquired by trade of the age you are rushing. Plus enough supplies and coin to get the job done. Starting with AF it’s a different story. The gating is now the special good of the age which in AF is...
  5. Road to Victory not adding boosts to Statue of Honor?

    Your 4x3 SoH needs to touch a road for the road to victory bonuses to work. Having the road only touch the RtV doesn‘t count as a connection to a road.
  6. Is this what you call rushing through the Ages?

    In my current AF hood there are 38 players with under 10 million player points. I’m #1 with 228 million player points for comparison.
  7. How often will winners plaza come at the dealer?

    How often will the winners plaza show up in the AD? It would take us months to track its drop rate so at this time there is no way of knowing. I can tell you that the Pilar of hero’s and the cider mill upgrades show up every time I click on the AD.
  8. Is this what you call rushing through the Ages?

    I’m in AF and I see it every hood. I can’t find him anymore but I remember a player in VF with... 16, yes 16 fights total. That’s actually hard to do.
  9. Forge Points From GBG

    20 battles is really a small sample size. I’ve done 7000+ fights so far this GBG and have been winning more than 700 fp a day from GBG. I don’t really keep track. What I have noticed is the number of diamonds I’ve won this GBG is way up... over 2k so far. Its just luck or unlock. I have...
  10. The change in Game due to Event Building Goods production (vs Era buildings Goods production)

    Goods buildings for me died when I had an 80 level arc and a decently leveled CF. The event buildings also provide a decent amount of population. Back in the day they didn’t and I build an Inno tower to provide population and get rid of my houses which took up 2/3rd of my town. If I was...
  11. Why aren't Behemoths more popular?

    I only use plasma cannons in GBG when my attrition is extremely high and there are no flying units in the enemy army. I gave the behemoth an honest tryout in GBG. as far as autofighting GBG is concerned they are not as good as battle fortresses. The battle fortress is better at surviving...
  12. Settlement Rewards

    I’m currently working through Aztecs. I’ve finished the other 3 settlements. The emissaries are a bonus. None of them will make your city rich. You get a slot every other emissary. Four of my emissaries give 1 fp each. The other goods or troops. You do the settlements for the reward buildings...
  13. Trash in antique dealer all the time now

    I sell the 10% attack potions won in GBG in the AD. I recently leveled my ToR to level 100 giving me a 33.75% chance at a relic... 50% of those will be gold or jade. On average I should get 21 relics from the 64 encounters. I’ve been 21 and over 2 times and 21 and under 8 times. My high was...
  14. neighborhood shift

    I ended up in strangehood. I’m in AF... I’m the PvP champ.... and number #1 in this hood which is more than half OF. But the OF players are the ones who rushed through the ages and their cities are weaker than the few AF players here.
  15. defriended over finishing another's GB. Why?

    I’m sorry you lost a friend Don’t despair, it’s not the end A thousand more await your click How hard can another be to pick? Burma Shave i couldn’t resist. If you are old enough you might remember looking forward to the Burma Shave signs on the highway.