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  1. Contest day 7

    I havent been able to play due to the game being out in my area all day. Sigh
  2. Contest day 7

  3. Is it true that FOE is going to do away with GvG?

    Its still way more fun than GE. And , I figure that is where FOE makes most of its money.
  4. Is it true that FOE is going to do away with GvG?

    GvG is my most favorite thing about this game. However, I have heard that FOE is going to do away with it. I can feature myself playing the game if that happened. GE sucks. Its only playing against an AI. GvG though, thats getting to play another player and actually test your skills. I kinda...
  5. Stop the Plundering INNO !!!!!

    I attack for the the points. However, if people in my Hood refuse to AID my city daily, you can bet I will attack and plunder them daily !!! I have a lot of Soks and when I cant get them aided, along with my other buildings, it costs me. And yeah, if a hoodie costs me a fps or more coins etc, I...
  6. Never ending February contest

  7. Share the Love, Everyone wins

  8. Changelog 1.119 Feedback

    of all the changes I have seen Inno make. The new (horrible) graphics for the troops barracks has to be the number one worst. I have to force my eyes to stay on it to click the right button. Its like feeding my eyes card board. Please, Please, CHANGE IT BACK.
  9. Changelog 1.119 Feedback

    Yuck, yuck, and double yuck! The new graphics for the Rogue barracks is horrible. Bland even.
  10. Not A Bug FoE freezing since last update

    Ive tried Opera and some other browsers. I still have the same issue no matter what. The thing is, this started happening after the last update by Inno.
  11. Flash kills computer and crashes game

    Ive tried Opera and all the other browsers. Nothing works for me. And dont get me started on the pain in the rear end fighting in GvG has become. Uhg. Its just about to the point Im losing interest in the game.
  12. Christmas in July Give away

    more space more space more space more space