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i usually hang out with many boys because i do a lot of sports i am in school right now and i hate wearing heels just because i also am single just so anyone doesn't ask i am not looking into any relationship right now and am just enjoying my single life so far also my best friend who is a guy if your wondering is very overprotective so........... yeah i am just here to make friends and enjoy myself also maybe cause i get quite bored have a nice day or afternoon or evening bye :)
  1. Rugnir


LAOORA GRACE UH LAST NAME idk hi i'm laura or Laoora it happens...... you could call me young? however i am in college and guess what it's with a bunch of guys i couldn't find what i was looking for in a private girl college like i wanted so i'm now going with my older brother to his private boy school college ( don't ask how i got in my brother is like an angel :) ) yeah anyways i'm bored and decided VIDEO GAMES WITH JUSTIN ( justin is my best friend how is a guy (if you couldn't tell ) and he is like the same age as me too we've known each other since we were 2 long time ik) so yeah that's my life i have to deal with stinky boys and my weird best friend and my brother who is a....... BUTT hole yeah exactly what i was going to say :) have a nice day



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