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Recent content by LuckyGamer2078

  1. LuckyGamer2078

    Market PvP aspect clearly for new players

    First of all, they never said that PvP is for new players. I only started PvP pretty late into the game. And obviously they should have "NO HOPE" to rank in the top 20/topw three because they shouldn't try to be top 20. Also, even if they did try it wouldn't be that hard because the units are...
  2. LuckyGamer2078

    Word Association Game

  3. LuckyGamer2078

    November Competition

    As GreatManMan2020, B3, E3, E7, B7. I want my prize on Parkog!
  4. LuckyGamer2078


  5. LuckyGamer2078

    What's Next?

    This is a repost of one of my older posts, but I just have a question. After we explore the solar system, what's next? Are we going to continuously venture out into space, hopping from planet to planet until most of the players leave from the repitition? Or are they going to find something...
  6. LuckyGamer2078

    When you're on the forum, looking for an interesting discussion, but all you can find are games...

    When you're on the forum, looking for an interesting discussion, but all you can find are games, unformatted ideas, and some beginners asking questions.
  7. LuckyGamer2078

    Word Shift

  8. LuckyGamer2078

    Feedback for update 1.214

    I just want to say, although I didn't spend any diamonds on the "Heal all" button, the only reason I haven't is because I was very careful. So please, remove the "Heal all" button. It's not useful to anybody except for the few people who have enough diamonds to spend for this kind of stuff.
  9. LuckyGamer2078

    Banned from the Forum!

    I ban you for including the word "banning" 79 times, the word "ban" 58 times, the word "bans" 30 times, and the word "banned" 7 times. P.S. I read your post, and now I will never see the word "ban" as the same ever again Directed towards @Ebeondi Asi
  10. LuckyGamer2078

    How do players manage to have multiple advanced GBs (HC, CF, CoA) in new world on second day?

    There are two types of ways they might belike this. 1. They are veteran players with a lot of diamonds in their collection that just got transferred to a new world and spent all of their diamonds on these blueprints, or 2. A prodigal person who has money to spend on stuff like this.
  11. LuckyGamer2078

    Unformatted Move highly advanced lower age players to higher age neighborhoods - level the attack/plunder playing field

    First of all, I am in LMA, and I have been subjected to a lot of this kind of stuff. Solution? STOP LEVELING UP SO FAST! I stopped using my main account and switched to another. In my main account, I would constantly try to level up, usually ending up with me in an HMA neighborhood with...
  12. LuckyGamer2078

    Ol' faithfuls....

    Oh, Well, in that case, this Blacksmith that I have had since I first placed it down.
  13. LuckyGamer2078

    Ol' faithfuls....

    Town Hall
  14. LuckyGamer2078

    Production Buildings, how many is too many?

    I don't have nearly as many production buildings as you, but I would say 15 is my limit. (Also, either remove or upgrade outdated production buildings)
  15. LuckyGamer2078

    Feedback for update 1.200

    Thanks so much for removing zoom and RQ delays.