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Recent content by LukeMANtrip

  1. starting up a new Guild

    we are active and like to help new players and teach them the ins and outs of the game
  2. starting up a new Guild

    just starting out was not the best way to put it we are currently almost level 10 and already have a taste of gbg victory, and that blood lust doesn't go away quickly
  3. starting up a new Guild

    we do have a few upper level players helping us out. but i respect you recognizing your future competition. lol
  4. starting up a new Guild

    Hey fellow forgers , lonely? in need of some active friends? do you like pizza? if so join our guild we have lots pf fun and are really going places. we will help you build your world and much much more ;) message in Game @ lukeMANtrip or Ancient Clasher
  5. New Guild

    hey starting up a guild and looking for active members add me if you r interested please and thank you