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  1. Challenge 1

    1. winter 2. football 3. harvest 4. carnival 5.spring 6. summer 7. st Patricks day 8. Halloween
  2. artic harbor ship

    How does the Arctic Harbor ship work? How can I bring the ship health to 100%? and the people I hire for that matter?
  3. Diamonds transferable?

    If I begin another city in another world and earn diamonds in that world, can I use those diamonds in the first city in the original world?
  4. Guardians of East Negach is THE guild to be in!

    Join our guild, Guardians of East Negach! There are only two of us right now. We are on level 12! And we are fast making our way to level 13! Head on over. Anyone is welcome! --Lybrah
  5. Get rid of "Fragments" of wishing wells and shrines

    Please do away with the wishing well fragments and shrine fragments, or at least let us give them away in the auction. They are completely worthless and annoying to receive. I'd rather get nothing. You give away too many shrines as it is.
  6. [Question] How in the world am I supposed to beat two waves of armies to acquire a province?

    I beat the first one and then get defeated by the second one. It's very irritating. Can I choose a second wave army too?
  7. Can I Unlock the Expedition Levels on My Own?

    I'd like to be able to unlock the expedition levels myself. I have sent numerous emails to my guild leaders to do so after I completed the first one, but they never respond.
  8. Can there be an undo button?

    There have been times where I have accidentally deleted a building when I was trying to move it. Can there be an undo button, maybe if only it was temporary? Also, if I have a Level 1 building, how can I make it to Level 2 once the special questline is over?
  9. Bigger Expansions

    As I move up in the ages, I realize that the buildings take up more squares. Also, the prices for them go up. Shouldn't the expansions become bigger as well? For example, one of the goods buildings is 5 x 6 squares. I'd like to keep the old stuff I have, not have to get two expansions to...
  10. Automatic Account Deletion Feedback

    If a leader of your guild is one of the accounts deleted, will the entire guild be deleted, forcing the members to have to find another guild?