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  1. Cultural Settlements Feedback

    I had started on my 2nd one & decided that the prizes you got just wasn't worth the hassle of doing them. So I deleted all my buildings except the Main Hall and haven't been back.
  2. Established Guild looking to add members

    We are an established guild looking for players to join our family. We have a stixs to bricks thread to help raise your GBs. We do GE & normally open up L 4 each week. We are a fair trade guild & help each other with the goods needed. We have several swap threads for GBs, We have a couple of...
  3. Renovation Kit

    Then what is the good of the kit?
  4. Renovation Kit

    Will a renovation kit used on an event building increase the amount of goods, happy or FPS that it puts out?
  5. Motivating a building just prior to collecting

    I agree that Motivation kits are useless if you have a guild & friends, I am in PME & I have friends aiding but nothing to aid, so what use is the motivation kits. I have 52 setting in my inventory, I am sick of getting them. They might be alright for brand new players, but for anyone else they...
  6. Never-ending Lottery November

    1300 N
  7. Not A Bug No Incidents

    When is the incidents going to be open for everyone. I have been getting them since the page showed up about them. But some of our guild are still not getting them .
  8. Guild Expedition reward shortcomings

    I have gotten several of them as has other members of my guild
  9. Guild Expedition reward shortcomings

    I do like the extra attempts, what I don't like are all the Face of the Ancients & the Gate of the Sun God that I get when battling in GE they just aren't worth it. A small pkg. of FPs would be much more useful, even a pkg of 2 or 3 fps, that would go into inventory instead of those two, would...
  10. Summer Event 2017 Feedback

    on the Summer Event, I am so tired of the portraits on the wheel, to me they are no good. I am really disappointed with the event. No chance to get very many SOKs or Rogue Hideouts. Was so looking forward to the Summer Event to get more Soks & Hideouts, was planning on buying diamonds to get...
  11. Spring Event - The Cherry Blossom Festival Feedback

    Question: if in the chest, it says you have a 25% of getting the prize, everything less is way below that % wise but I have tried twice to get the Shrine of Knowledge & both times it gives me one of the lower % . That is not right. I can understand with the lower chest the prize is lower % than...
  12. Spring Event - The Cherry Blossom Festival Feedback

    If your face has a big grin on it your people are enthusiastic & you won't have to do anything it will give you credit for it.
  13. Motivating a building just prior to collecting

    The motivation kits are useless to me & most players, if you have a good guild & good friends they are of no use & will just set there & collect dust.
  14. Venice Carnival Event

    For me the Carnival Event is a flop, each quest they want more roses, but don't give enough. The prizes that are really worth having they have in the chest with very little chance of getting them or if they are the special, in order to get them you will have to buy hearts with diamonds in order...
  15. Some basic elements are failing

    I have a complain to make I love that you have it so we can visit a tavern from our city. But a lot of the friends show they have an empty seat & you click on it & it tells you no seat is available at that time, why don't they show that they are full like the other friends do, I figure it is a...