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  • I am being cheated by this game

    Invoice number 73831619 shows one buying of 11,000 diamonds yet the the same transaction went through three more times. You owe me $269.97 Canadian dollars which you can put back on my credit card then I'm leaving this game.

    InnoGames GmbH Date of purchase Oct 21 at 10:51 AM
    Friesenstraße 13
    20097 Hamburg
    Ust.-ID: DE264068907
    Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 108973
    Invoice number: 73831619
    Session ID: 152919003
    Payment method: Credit Card
    Market: United States
    Hello mopsy54,
    Thank you for your purchase in Forge of Empires. We have added the following items/services to your account:
    Date of purchase
    Total net sale
    11,000 Diamonds
    89.99 CAD
    Tax rate
    Tax amount
    0 %
    0.00 CAD
    Total invoice amount
    89.99 CAD
    If you have any questions regarding this purchase, please contact our Support Team stating the transaction details provided above.
    Kind regards,
    Your InnoGames team
    just so you know, any reward (be it fp packages, or units) is doubled. I am guessing this is not on purpose, but I kinda like it :)
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