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Recent content by mamboking053

  1. Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    Well...you have to pick your players. The results are RNG, but I suppose that might be to avoid people simply working their way up to the strongest combination and then...face-rolling the rest of the event. Perhaps not the best application, but that's where the trial and error comes in...
  2. Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    I'm looking forward to how it progresses. I think Inno is trying to make the events more of a challenge, interactive, and less face-roll and they've got to work out how to do it. I don't think I've ever seen an event that I did not play in. The St Patty's one was the closest, but after a while...
  3. Seriously! Stop! Plundering!

    Camping isn't about staying forever, just more than "typical", though that is a bit subjective to some degree. It's certainly not wrong to camp, it's just that other people tend to not like it and some others consider their opinions to be Inno's intent or "the right way". I used Cosmic Raven's...
  4. Unformatted More diversity

    This forum has a number of people like him and the mods seem to give it a pass so don't even bother calling it out. If you're going to ask a question here that criticizes Inno prepare yourself for immediate attack on character and insults which may or may not be followed by useful information...
  5. Cheating in GBG

    A solution to this might be to make the rewards received proportionate to the amount of attrition reduction. Meaning the less amount of attrition, the less amount of rewards. The more the attrition, the more probably you are to receive the rewards. Seems fair because 0 attrition is basically...
  6. An End To Great Buildings, Or a New Beginning.

    I agree and disagree about the Arc. The Arc messed up a particular style of play. It's the same thing with GbG and GvG. Some do not like the change that occurs- especially when they've grown into one type of play-style and that previous play-style had formed a major part of their experience with...
  7. An End To Great Buildings, Or a New Beginning.

    This is what I was thinking, somewhat. I think at some point they are going to have to stop or rethink how GB's function in the future. Look at the Carrier. Not only is it the only building for an age, but the GB is basically an altered version of a previous GB. I don't see them being able to...
  8. An End To Great Buildings, Or a New Beginning.

    To be clearer, I didn't mean getting rid of GB's that already existed. I meant stop making new ones OR to re-purpose them to something that didn't just make the same bonuses, but I was mostly leaning to re-purposing.
  9. An End To Great Buildings, Or a New Beginning.

    Do you think GB's are on their way out of the game as a feature, or will Inno refocus the purpose of GB's going forward? So I was figuring that at some point they would get rid of GB's or stop making them. Or they could refocus GB's to another use. I thought of GB's that were much more...
  10. Guild Battlegrounds Improvements Feedback

    I understand. What I mean is if you already have x amount of SoH's in your city and you don't plan to put any more down, then you might as well use the SoH upgrades you get afterward to level the ones you have up to max.
  11. Guild Battlegrounds Improvements Feedback

    Not true. You're going to stop wanting to put down more SoH's at some point. So you might as well stack levels on what you have.
  12. Archaeology 2020 Feedback

    Mine's too. It has really good atmosphere. I might even bother to read through the story-line for this one.
  13. Delete Celtic Forest Kit?

    I really don't put sets down in my city anymore. They are annoying to arrange, costly to upgrade every age (not individually, but as you play you're going to collect more of them), and these days the sets aren't that much better than 1-piece event buildings. However, I DO like that the latest...
  14. Arc after 16 days

    Are you saying 21 days is the total amount of time you've been playing FoE? If it is, your upload is incredible. In less than a month after starting the game you started a world, read a guide, restarted on another world, got two other GB's, completed an event, and managed to obtain an Arc.
  15. Lets Dance!!!

    There may be a reduction in how many diamonds are spent, but it might not be that much of a reduction that Inno would be concerned if diamond-spending is the primary reason for GbG. And, no, they often will not wait for camps to be built. Maybe low-tier guilds hug their resources, but top-tier...