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    Swaps vs 1.9 (or 1.8)

    That's one thing we don't allow in my guild and we are otherwise very lenient. We have a fair mix of advanced and newer players this is seen as taking advantage of people in the swap threads but it also confuses the lockers if they are already on the building via swaps. Other guild leaders...
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    Total Ban on Abortion

    Children don't live inside women's bodies. Were talking about embryos, the potential for life. So you are either raising embryos up to a status above women or lower women's lives beneath those of a potential life. If we can all easily accept a full fledged person has gone brain dead and now only...
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    Swaps vs 1.9 (or 1.8)

    That's funny, I'm going through the same thing with my guild now. We have a 1.9 of big arcs only but recently tried to make a 1.8 for everyone else. Previously I had taught the math 1 on 1 to people as we were raising arcs prior to a thread so trying to teach the rest of the guild in 1 swoop...
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    Total Ban on Abortion

    If there is something happening inside those organs the woman does not want to be happening they are not working as SHE intends them to and should be given the right to correct that if she chooses. It is not currently nature forcing women to unwillingly carry pregnancies to term but the laws of...
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    Total Ban on Abortion

    If we are keeping things logical and non emotional then abortion, by medical intervention is the correction to that action. Now that could be the frequently cited and most hated 'as means of birth control' abortion or medically advised or medically preferred abortion. If you go skiing and break...
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    Total Ban on Abortion

    No other human is given the right to command control over another humans body or their organs. Notice how were not all rounded up and hooked up to dialysis machines or forced to give kidneys to strangers. This law doesn't give embryos equal rights it gives them more rights than women. If a...
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    Guild Battlegrounds Feedback

    I am quite impressed to see them bringing ideas to players and asking for opinions on things. Even more so that they are going direct to live players to amass as much feedback as they can. It's a huge win in my opinion to see them caring so much about player relations when they know, despite how...
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    Pavlovian Reactionism

    I agree with you and I do think the 'news' is heavily to blame. The two stations of mind would of course be CNN and Fox with their various parties. Not only is their take on things completely different but the stories they report on which has almost entirely witled down to the the current...
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    leaving a guild to join another one inquiry

    Not all guilds fit with all people. While I do know some people who would take such a thing as the highest of offenses those aren't really people you'd want to be playing with anyway.
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    diamond discount

    If you're referring to the extra 50% or whatever it is diamond sale that is not associated with event currency not all players receive those offers. The event currency ones typically 2-3 times per event for 24 hours. Were still in the window of one right now I believe.
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    Archaeology Event Feedback

    With DT you can always manually Mo/Po I'm sure when many people first put it down they did just that. If you use the aid button with a DT you know you're taking a gamble and not using it to it's fullest potential. While it's certainly great that some people would avoid using black smiths to help...
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    Proof that inno lies about %s

    Quite welcome, funny enough I saw your title and then made : (you can also put things in as a thumbnail if you want) to show whoever it was they were wrong, if you collect enough it evens out. Then noticed it was you so obviously whatever it was you were joking and I just grumbled away from...
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    Is it practical to be a trader/negotiator AND a fighter?

    Yes it certainly was something you had to choose between in times past but it is no longer. I don't think it's so much the extra population but rather the large GBs making it all possible. You can now use a high level Chat to get all the goods you want for negotiating/trading/selling and use a...
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    [Question] Opponents out of my league

    Parooch is in the Iron Age Map. The reason you are having difficulty is because you're trying to fight in the Iron Age with mostly Bronze Age troops. You also seem to be missing some BA and IA troops mainly Stone Throwers which would make it easier for you. Now it is certainly possible to get...
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    Proof that inno lies about %s

    When posting a pic to the forum you don't need any outside site at all you can just use the upload a file button, which is quite nifty. Most forums I ever used, granted it was some time ago, you always needed outside hosting. I imagine it probably isn't cheap to host all images users upload but...