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Recent content by MaranKarma

  1. Quest Cycling Issue

    Why won't FoE consider a simple request to have the recurring requests reset on the one you just completed instead of the next one? You have to hit "abort" 12 times every time to reset to the same quest again. For me this means 25+ times a day between the 3 I regularly use! I have suggested...
  2. November Competition

    B3. E3, B7 and E7 I'd like my prize in Tuulec please.
  3. Fill the first time negotiating with one button

    I would say reformatting the negotiations screen to have a selection list of each available good display under each of the remaining options instead of having to click to enter each one would save way more clicks.
  4. Already Suggested Improvement to Recurring Quest Action

    Idea: When a recurring quests has been fulfilled, leave the quest on the one just completed instead of moving forward a quest in the rotation. Reason: Many players repeat the same 2 or 3 quests over and over. This would eliminate multiple clicks on "abort" necessary to reset to the quest...
  5. Unformatted Adjust rotation of recurring quests

    Requesting a simple adjustment in the order of recurring quests: upn completing a recurring quest, instead of quest choices shuffling to the next quest in rotation, could quest remain on the last quest completed instead of moving forward one? Reason: people often have the same 2 or 3 recurring...
  6. Looking for a guild

    Check out The Commonwealth- we are a smaller guild, but active. 6 FPs a day and we place 1st in GE most weeks. Read our guild description and if it sounds like what you're looking for, send a request.
  7. Do Not Suggest Goods production to fulfill quests

    I suggest allowing goods production (not just supplies and coins) to count towards fulfilling event quests - ex: "Complete 24 8 hour productions." Goods are a "production", why not count them? Thank you for your consideration. Happy Forging!
  8. The Commonwealth Wants You!

    If you are an active GE player, interested in a guild that wants to help each other succeed and enjoy a friendly, jovial group of folks to interact with: then come check out our Guild Description! If it sounds like your game theory, we would welcome your application!! Cheers!
  9. Looking for active expeditions clan

    Come check out The Commonwealth
  10. Space Age portal

    Thank you!!
  11. Space Age portal

    Will the Space Age portal disappear from my site when I level up to SAAB?
  12. Looking for a new guild

    Come check us out in The Commonwealth. If our guild description appeals, apply, we'd be happy to welcome you.
  13. The Commonwealth is looking to grow.

    Greetings! I am the leader of The Commonwealth here in Tuulech. Our guild is seeking new players or a smaller guild that would be interested in joining us. We are a participatory & active guild, invested in helping each other succeed. We support each other by motivating and polishing daily...
  14. Claiming Reindeer in the Winter Event

    If you collected the reindeer, you already got 1 of each prize when you got each one. As, in my opinion, the prizes were great for free play, but not worth spending diamonds on. So I am just enjoying the reindeer and sleigh as a free holiday decoration that I don't have to use space for.
  15. Happiness Issue

    Hi CMF, A great tip for keeping happiness up without using real estate is to upgrade your roads at least every other age. Cheers!