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Recent content by MarktheMagnificent

  1. MarktheMagnificent

    Word Shift

  2. MarktheMagnificent

    Word Shift

    I'm intrigued as to why you think that's something I'd put! Love the dog, by the way. Cairn.
  3. MarktheMagnificent

    Word Shift

  4. MarktheMagnificent

    New name

  5. MarktheMagnificent


    How big a stick do I need?
  6. MarktheMagnificent

    Thieves & Burgerlars

    Bye, snowflake. Avoid Candy Crush too, it might make you cry.
  7. MarktheMagnificent

    Will the rest of the ages from now on be a “space age”?

    Vulcan was only destroyed in the Kelvin timeline not this one.
  8. MarktheMagnificent

    Will the rest of the ages from now on be a “space age”?

    I think Space Age Vulcan is the logical choice.
  9. MarktheMagnificent

    Banned from the Forum!

    There once was a man that had planned At once, to try out his hand A limerick to write For others' delight And for that from the forum was banned.
  10. MarktheMagnificent

    Word Association Game

  11. MarktheMagnificent

    Caption Competition #3.

    "You remind me of Camilla".
  12. MarktheMagnificent

    Caption Competition #3.

  13. MarktheMagnificent

    Word Association Game

  14. MarktheMagnificent

    Deleting Great buildings with others Fps on it.

    I am not here to rattle your cage, but I do think that you are overreacting somewhat. The guy made a mistake and it just happened to cost you a few forge points. This is a game, not life and death. Relax, shrug your shoulders and laugh with the bloke about it. Life's far too short and precious...
  15. MarktheMagnificent

    Anyone like sports?

    Sports? Absolutely. There's nothing more satisfying than settling down to watch a five day cricket test match.