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    Guild Battleground Update Feedback

    Agreed. Players who enjoy forming alliances already have GvG which is not going away. I don't think it's necessary to add even more complexity to guild management.
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    Summer Event 2018 Feedback

    Thank you! That's the clarification I needed:)
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    Summer Event 2018 Feedback

    OK I know this has been beaten to death already but I'm still completely confused about the selection kits- if they are just another base ship why then are there 3 different types : trader, royal and Pirate? From what I'm gleaning using any one of them is just going to give you a base ship at...
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    Change back tinted chat box on browsers!!!

    I vote yes. The color change is harder to read.
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    Napoleon Bonaparte Questline Feedback

    One of the best if not the best historical questline so far. I really appreciated being able to donate goods to the treasury that were from any era so I could donate the goods my guilds actually needed. That's been one of my biggest peeves from past questlines. Just being able to look at the...
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    Badge for Winning the Hood Tower(s)

    I don't really pay attention to the badge feature of the game but I vote yes. Should be easy and quick for developers to implement. Seems like something that should already have a badge does it not?
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    Reduce the number of time draining features

    Since this isn't really in proposal format I don't feel the need to vote, but it is an interesting topic for discussion/ feedback. I used to play on 21 worlds and now I'm down to 9. I'm at 9 not because I have time for that many worlds but because I am enmeshed with my guilds there, playing...
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    Founder Rights in Messages

    I couldn't disagree more. I proposed something a while back to enable guild founders and those with elected rights to have admin rights as default for guild messages. I had a player that was quietly harassing guild members through PM but those members were being tough and did not complain then...
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    Carnival 2018 Feedback

    I've had over 5000 florins on multiple worlds but it's not like it does any good. I don't spend down my tickets until the prizes have accumulated. It's better to have 31 tickets than 11 imo. When I do spend those thousands of florins I still can't get the bridge upgrades though so it doesn't...
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    Proposal: Attack Entrance Music

    If it did that I wouldn't play. I think FoE's music is pretty good but I need my own music- especially for combat.
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    How did YOU start playing Forge Of Empires?

    I was finishing my degree and was looking for browser games that were mindless and didn't require much mental or time investment so I could play for a few minutes to clear my head so I could get back to writing papers. I saw FoE and determined it was NOT going to fit the bill so I waited to...
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    Music: Favorite Genre & Bands/Artists

    I'll check out Jakob. I'm pretty eclectic and open to new music. I don't really watch tv- about 30 mins to an hour a week- but I listen to music constantly so I need new stuff constantly. On one of my worlds I have in my profile that I'll give FPs to anyone who recommends a song- because well...
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    Interface Ideas: Keep players longer if game easier to navigate!

    This is not in proper format and you are bringing up too many issues in one proposal. If these were separated into three different proposals I would support you on the first one involving taverns. I don't see any difference between greyed out aid icons and greyed out tavern icons. Tavern...
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    Share the Love, Everyone wins

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    Tricks... Have Any?

    Don't' forget buildings that are in your inventory for quests that want an exact population (or no population). Those quests can be a major headache but some inventory "garbage" like Queens and Kings that give one population can make a difference. It's a good idea to keep one or both in...