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Recent content by Matt the Melancholic

  1. Question about forum censorship

    Who decides which posts should be deleted? And how do they decide? The US forum seems to be as arbitrarily dictatorial and clique as the EN forum, with off-topic posts by "liked" members being allowed, and on-topic posts by "unliked" members deleted. I don't expect to get an answer, or even for...
  2. FOE has gotten worse

    I can not agree. Everything changes, evolves, grows and matures. If FoE had not changed it would have survived perhaps one or two years, then it would be criticised for being passe, old hat, old fashioned. Of course not every change, development, evolution will be to every player's liking. But...
  3. [Question] GvG

    Sorry to post an on-topic , but can someone please explain to me what the point of GvG is? As far as I can tell, sectors return relatively few guild power points compared to a Statue of Honour, the only advantage I can find is in individual battle points which can be handy for the PvP tower...
  4. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Am I the only person who LIKES GBG? In one world where I play I'm in a Diamond league guild, but we're not at the top of our game and usually get thrashed by the top guilds. Its quite invigorating to watch a sector unlock and their flag pop up immediately, and to flash non-stop for 30 seconds as...
  5. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    That's a double-edged sword. Sometimes a guild member will take a sector which the GBG leaders want left for strategic reasons. Revealing the identity of the culprit will not result in them getting credit, but rather a reprimand! Perhaps that's a good thing, perhaps not.
  6. Thieves & Burgerlars

    I don't play on every server, so I couldn't say. I'll take your word on it. Sounds plausible.
  7. Daily Challenge: Cost vs. Reward, or "That's Funny, Inno"

    I don't see the conflict. I agree with you. The prizes from the Daily Challenge in no way correspond to the demands, the two are totally random. When the rewards out weigh the demands, I skip the challenge. Similarly, acquired items of no interest to me I trade at the antique dealer for...
  8. What age/era is everybody in?

    Bronze Age in V world. But I also play in the UK where I am in Industrial era on two worlds and Iron Age on another. And not an Arc in sight!
  9. What do you love most about your guild?

    Name: R.E.D. Like: Its just me. No one to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. At least not within the guild. Needs: A better guild leader.....
  10. Daily Challenge: Cost vs. Reward, or "That's Funny, Inno"

    Could it be, possibly, that part of the strategy of FoE is determining whether or not a challenge is worth it? A bit like buildings. A city has a finite amount of space in which to erect buildings and decorations, the player has to choose which to use. Its all about making choices. Not about...
  11. Friends Tavern and Cultural Settlement Harbor buildings

    According to the Wiki, the Friends Tavern has a new design upon reaching Future Era.
  12. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Why not simply have an additional league above Diamond? Or even two or three? No I am not going to waste my time providing Inno with free consultancy formatting a suggestion. They want to hire me they can pay me.
  13. Japan Sector of my city

    So nice to see people building cities. Here in the UK all people want to do is stuff maxed out GBs and Carousels so they can brag about their att/def bonus!
  14. Thieves & Burgerlars

    On the UK server the higher one is in the neighbourhood rankings the less one gets attacked and plundered. Thus it makes some sense if one wishes to avoid being bullied by the neighbours, to increase one's ranking relative to one's neighbours - eg don't progress an era too soon. Just another...