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    Forum Upgrade

    I agree! To much brightness! Hard to read! Darken the text to #000 and see how it looks! Currently set at: .fr-element { color: #10212a;
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    How many HoFs are to much?

    I've recently run across a player that has several Hall of Fame's and was wondering if it is beneficial to have more than one. Personally I think it's a waste of space to have more then one. What are your thoughts? Michael
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    Carnival 2019 Feedback

    Okay thank you for that insight!
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    Carnival 2019 Feedback

    Hmmm, you say I did it wrong? Please prey tell, how can you do it wrong, when offered upgrades before the set building along with other items in the list of offerings to win?
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    Carnival 2019 Feedback

    Piazza homes upgrade offered without the initial set building. I have several of these upgrades without being able to use them! Why am I being offered the upgrades before the set building?
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    Old Timers Guild

    Old Timers Guild was created in an effort to bring together players that want to help others out! As the Old Timers progress, we will adjust requirements to fit our group. For now, we are an open guild that allows new players from all ages. The higher ages will of course may want to have open...
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    Viking settlement

    Well, after you get your 20 axes, it asks you to have 2 shrines. However, you have to unlock the shrines in embassy advancements. Understood. So I go over to the advancement tab to unlock it and I'm presented with 2 tabs. 1 has 31 diamonds unlock and the other a greyed out unlock. How does...
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    Adding FPs to storage instead of FP bar after winning daily quests or side quests!

    After completing the daily quests or side quests, Forge Points are sent to the FP Bar and have to be spent fairly right away. If not spent, your hourly FP bar stops producing until you get below 10. Propose moving the winning FPs to the storage.
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    What's in the cave?

    So are we ever going to see what is happening with this cave? Its now been on the map since the fall of 2013, and its now the fall of 2018. five years is a long time to keep players in the dark! Come on Inno! At least chime in and let us know your thoughts on this!
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    bbcode URL not working correctly

    When using the bbcode url in the guild forums, the link does not correctly send the person to the intended page. This was supposidely fixed a few years ago but was not a member then and just noticed it when I wanted to direct guild members to a forum post to further clarify my messages to them...
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    Gameroom to Forge Of Empire login splash page

    Okay folks, After reviewing what was happening here, I decided to go the route of uninstalling Gameroom and clearing any leftover dirs/folders left behind, but found none. Then I reinstalled a fresh copy download from Facebook. Everything so far as I can tell, works fine now. Try this route...
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    Gameroom to Forge Of Empire login splash page

    When going into Forge Of Emire from Gameroom, the Icons are missing along with text. The static images are showing however. This however does NOT appear to be an issue when using the link. This started to happen on or about 2 May, 2018 when Facebook...