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    Display headcount in building information pane

    I don't see how this would be a problem for anybody. It may only help a small percent but it's not going to affect anybody at all so why would there be a no vote? It's not something that is forcing anybody to do anything or changing any aspect of the game play. Although I would never use it I...
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    When attaching GB, set number FP to be donated

    Hey negaperson, I like your proposal very much and agree that your second option would be the way to go. Great idea! Obviously a "YES" vote for me.
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    I wholeheartedly support assigning a small amount of prestige to GE cups. Too many players are mobile only these days so the world rankings are not really reflect of quality guilds and members. They are more reflective of who still uses a PC. And that crowd is getting smaller and smaller as...
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    Will There Be an Oceanic Future Part 4?

    Does anybody know what the next Great Building is going to be?
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    Event Avatar Bonuses

    I support this 100% as long as the bonuses are not outrageous and totally unbalance things.
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    Guild (GE) Wins

    I would support this in either form presented here but I also feel that you should get an increase in static prestige. The world rankings were conceived of before GE and are governed by GvG (other than the token prestige you get from your guild level). Since more and more players are mobile...
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    Forwarded Delete Inno Announcements

    I big yes from me. There are other ways for them to communicate which they already do. They can leave the message on the sidebar where it is originally. But there when you click it it disappears. I would rather have it disappear from your inbox. They could also just post this stuff on the...
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    No Pedestrian or Vehicle Traffic Animations

    I also submitted a proposal for the ability to hide the over-sized bouncing notification icons that appear over every structure in your city. I would assume if you were able to turn those off that would help with this assumed issue. I would much rather have traffic in the streets and...
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    Forwarded Ability To Hide Notification Icons

    What is the status of this proposal? Is it going to be submitted? It's been up for polling for almost 2 months now with 68% support.
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    No Pedestrian or Vehicle Traffic Animations

    1pep wrote "Can I just say for clarity that these cities without traffic SUCK .......Ok by me if they want to keep it that way, this game is very close to have run its course for me.. And no traffic will be the exact reason for that." I agree completely. The game really seems "dead" now that...
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    No Pedestrian or Vehicle Traffic Animations

    Yeah, this appears to be a game wide thing. I didn't see anything in recent update notes. My feeling is that they are gone forever. Too bad. I feel they made our cities come alive.
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    Forwarded Ability To Hide Notification Icons

    Hey Algona, Not sure why my statements bothered you so much. Don't take them personally. I hope they didn't ruin anymore than the one day they obviously did. If they annoy you so much simply ignore them and move on. That's usually what confident and thinking people do. I will end this...
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    No Pedestrian or Vehicle Traffic Animations

    Does anyone know if this is a bug or if it was a deliberate action by INNO? And if so, why? I thought the pedestrian and vehicle traffic really made our cities come to life.
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    No Pedestrian or Vehicle Traffic Animations

    It's only been a couple weeks for me. Same for members of my guild. It happened to everyone at the same time. I only play on a computer and it happens with Chrome and Firefox. I don't do mobile so can't say but somebody in my guild said there has never been road or sidewalk traffic in mobile.
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    Goods Donations for Ranking Points

    I'll rephrase.....When I collect on my ARC and it contributes 50 goods directly to the treasury do I get personal ranking points as if I donated the same 50 goods to the treasury out of my personal stock?