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Recent content by Mickey71

  1. August Contest - Summer Event!

    Plank, High Seas, Plunder, Skull, Island, Gold, Ahoy, Port, Mutiny, First Mate, Ship, Keel, Cannon, Flag, Crew, Map, Sand, Anchor, Jewels, Cove, Treasure, Ashore,
  2. Thematic City Arrangement - Do you do it?

    I tend to map out my city similarly....and as time goes it gets muddled again....lol. Then I try taking some time (long overdue now) to re-map it again. So I do know your pain a bit. Ultimately I'll go with what I need more, but yes I like to have it mapped for more sense if I can too...
  3. How to fight higher-age artillery without losses on the continent map?

    A.D as well as the types of troops you use is very important as mentioned, but also strategy. If you hold back while advancing your Rogues first....the AI is more likely to attack them before attacking your "regular" troops. That could help you get by that first wave
  4. Battle Born recruiting

    John....you might be in another world?? Just tried searching you by name and it did not come up. Unless your game name is different? You can also direct message me in the game - Mickey71 Thanks for the reply
  5. Battle Born recruiting

    Small Guild with no "minimums" each week. Just looking for those that enjoy the game and need or want a new home with no drama. We're looking for fighters (GBG and GE) and/or those that at least can add to the Treasury (an Arc or Observatory preferred). Level 34 offering 4 FP's a day, reduced...