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Recent content by Mountainman496

  1. Suggestion for Inno

    then why is my neighborhood filled with players who never play the game? it's like that on 2 different worlds.
  2. Suggestion for Inno

    Why don't you have a mechanism that will remove inactive players from active neighborhoods?
  3. Store forge points in inventory.

    From what i've read about this wheel, it's completely random no matter what. The "stop" button gives you NO CONTROL over where the wheel stops. only how long it takes you to re-spin the wheel. So let me ask you this, if the wheel is "suppose" to be random, then how come i've only won ONE gold...
  4. Store forge points in inventory.

    That would only work if you have an active neighborhood that actually understands the game. MOST of my neighbors are very new or inactive. I have a few neighbors that actually know how to play the game and are active. I've had the same prize on my wheel for like 2 or 3 days.
  5. Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    Inno needs to either trash this event or give it a major overhaul. Worst event ever!! I have spun the wheel 36 times so far and won ONLY 1 gold prize!!!
  6. Feedback for Summer Event 2021

    Just wanted to tell Inno thanks for ruining the game for me. I was having fun playing this game until this event (the summer event) RUINed the game for me. The wheel of death is the most ridiculous waste of time EVER!!! I don't think I can fully express how I truly feel about wasting ANY time...
  7. Power Leveling

    I am looking for a group that is for 1.9 power leveling their Arc's. please message me in game. Thanks. right now I have a lvl 49 arc trying to power level to lvl 55.
  8. Friends List

    I got my hands on some goods from the top ages and i'm only in Iron age. I am working them down through the ages to where I am able to use some, but it's very time consuming if my guild are the only ones who are accepting my trades. Is there a way to find people in certain ages that would be...
  9. Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

    reguardless of winning or losing in that situation, I still really hate this event.
  10. Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

    Can you please make this the LAST year you do the soccer cup. The soccer cup is the absolute worst event by far that you have. I really hate this event and i'm ONLY playing it to get the surprise box for the next event. I don't mind how you do the practice, but the games are absolute garbage...