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Recent content by Mustapha00

  1. Mustapha00

    Some Ideas I Think That Could Be Useful

    3. Absolutely, positively 100% No. Attacking players need no additional advantages in the game.
  2. Mustapha00

    Is City Defense at all possible?

    I'm not sure what the difference is between "respectful plundering" and any other sort. In my mind, I hear a gentlemen with an upper-class, highly posh British accent saying something like, "Frightfully sorry, Old Bean, but my Troops seem to have defeated yours and are now hauling off copious...
  3. Mustapha00

    "Daily" quests are out of control

    It could be worse: if I recall correctly, right after DCs were introduced, if you accepted one and did not successfully complete it, your completion counter towards obtaining the prize for completing six (seven?) DCs dropped by one. At least now you lose nothing if you accept a DC and fail to...
  4. Mustapha00

    Modern Era Troops question

    I recently made that same move on one of the worlds on which I play. I am probably not the best source to tap with this question, as I generally Brute Force GE using almost solely Heavy units, relying on my ATT bonus to win the day (and knowing when to switch to Negotiating when it no longer...
  5. Mustapha00

    Who is in the Abandoned Asylum?

    Suuuuuure....that's what they want you to think.
  6. Mustapha00

    Monastery - Did I miss it?

    Now, if the boost to DEF increased as you progress through the Ages...say, 5-7% per Age.....well maybe a 3x3 building that grants over 100% to DEF might be worth having. Or perhaps "less not worth having".
  7. Mustapha00

    Is City Defense at all possible?

    Ran into a fellow in Future that has 1012% DEF. Needless to say, I lost that battle....
  8. Mustapha00

    Why do we got so little from incidents

    Well, aside from the time you have to spend to look for the Incidents, they're basically Free Stuff. And who doesn't like Free Stuff?
  9. Mustapha00

    A new player and I just want to be clear on this

    Unless you have a very convincing argument, I'd have to rate that post "False".
  10. Mustapha00

    Some daily quest objectives that make some buildings useless

    Unless you are unlucky enough to have such a Daily ever single day (and I sure hope that isn't the case), then how much of a problem is it really? You can always just not do the Daily that particular day. I will skip every single one of those Dailies that requires anything over, say, 15...
  11. Mustapha00

    Is City Defense at all possible?

    Or perhaps Good Move Inno because making Plundering challenging instead of almost automatic might being back players who left the game because, in their opinion, it was "broken" or who had heard that it was.
  12. Mustapha00

    fountain of youth?

    Not any longer, really, save for the difference in graphics. At one time, the WW but not the FoY could be reduced in size from 3x3 to 3x2 but now the FoY can receive the same benefit via a shrink kit that can be won in GE IV.
  13. Mustapha00

    Attack and Defense Bonus

    Well, they're not wrong. The imbalance in this, as I see it, is that the DEF boost for the Attacking player is almost certainly going to be exponentially higher than the ATT boost of the Defending player, which means that, although your high DEF boost reduces the damage your troops take, the...
  14. Mustapha00

    Should I build St.Mark's Basilica or the Hagia Sofia?

    I play on five servers. On my first three, I planted a Hagia and levelled it up sporadically. I think my highest one is maybe low 20s. On my last two, I did not build it at all and I can say that I do not miss it. Yes, the FP are good and have essentially no cap: if you're willing to invest the...
  15. Mustapha00

    Is City Defense at all possible?

    Not necessarily. You can fight in the Guild Expedition or in the Guild Battlegrounds to "Win XXXX Fights" or "Defeat XXXX Units".