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  1. Inactive Players

    I would like a "Last seen" information stat added to user's profiles. Yes it could lead to more looting if people notice you have been gone for a while but I think it's worth it.
  2. Future Event Prize !!!

    One expansion on the wheel during the entire summer event. Only one winner per neighborhood, watch the chaos unfold...
  3. Daily bonus production building

    Perhaps it could be a GB? Or is that too much effort for minimum rewards?
  4. How do lower level players get so many GBs?

    I have many GBs including the Arc, Artic Orangery, Rainforest Project, Inno Tower...18 GBs in all and I am LMA. I had roughly 15 by HMA. I haven't spent any money on this game. Much like in life, it's all about who you know so they can help you out.
  5. Add date to GB donations list

    I vote yes because it will help me to keep track of the last time I contributed to someone and I could decide if it was worth it to keep contributing or not.
  6. Changelog 1.101

    It is very hard to read the rewards from the great building rankings, the font is white on a light... I want to say peach colored? background. This issue is for the mobile version.
  7. Friend me for DAILY aid / tavern + 8% fp chance

    I'm currently determining who is active on my friends list but I am still well above 80. If you can send me a friend request I will accept.
  8. Guild Expedition Rewards

    I really hate the extra attempts award as well. If I go all out on one encounter I expect to at least get some kind of reward instead of something that practically says "Hey good job, let's see you clear another encounter before we reward you!"
  9. Guild Expedition Rewards

    Each level has 16 encounters.
  10. Forwarded Ability to Cancel a Tavern Boost

    I vote yes. During the current event I had to wait longer on a mission than I had planned to because I had to wait for my 24 hour bonus to run out.
  11. Mobile facelift / Animations

    I too am getting a lot of lag when spending fps, I'm also getting lag during my daily aiding.
  12. April Lottery Thread

    2417 SoK Fel Dranghyr
  13. Forwarded Treasure Hunt FPs back to packages

    If I have to log onto a computer to have fps put to my bar then I simply choose to not log on via computer at all.
  14. Forwarded Treasure Hunt FPs back to packages

    No because then I'd have to log on, use them immediately and then go. It's much easier for me to just get a pack and decide later what I want to do with it.
  15. City Defense Army has Second Wave

    What if you could buy a temporary 2nd wave from the tavern? You could have 3 choices, the lowest having the lowest cost and least amount of troops while the higher priced option gives you more time plus more troops. The middle option would be somewhere in between.