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Recent content by Nobufusa

  1. Feedback for update 1.214

    We heard your pointless comment Talking about GE as if that is where the complaint lies. In BG the placement just makes it awkward taking fluidity away from the fighter. In GVG it is absolutely crippling because of how the clicking has to happen for any kind of speed.
  2. Feedback for update 1.214

    global is absolutely horrid.. I think they rolled them out together so one would be overlooked.
  3. Feedback for update 1.214

    Yeah this move does nothing to address macro users, it actually empowers them. They make adjustments to the macro and they wont skip a beat. Meanwhile everyone else will be hitting the heal all button over and over with tons of misclicks along the way. Its like Sunday night after rankings get...
  4. Feedback for update 1.214

    I hear you there man. Any fighter with volume will not like this at all.
  5. Feedback for update 1.214

    Forum mods instead of defending this terrible adjustment please help rectify this situation of the heal all button. It is very poorly placed and has thrown the balance of fighting completely off. You have the power to at least be heard. If you play the game there is no way you can think this...
  6. Feedback for update 1.214

    You cant be serious. I can imagine that in a regular setting I would outfight you 12-1 . So for you of course it doesnt matter.
  7. Feedback for update 1.214

    Ron16 in H world is the only player to diamond heal all units in fighting. Other than him nobody has ever done this or needed to. The button is placed incorrectly. When you hit diamond all it freezes the game and by then you have already lost the recap or the sector in BG. Terrible placement and...
  8. Feedback for update 1.214

    He will never say that because he bleeds Inno. You will never find a forum moderator quite like him. All he does is argue in favor of any changes Inno makes. The guy should be removed from this position
  9. August Contest - Summer Event!

    skull, ship, flag, plank, island, port, cove, jewels, parrot, mutiny, high seas, gold, rogue, anchor, crew, plunder, hideout, first mate, keel, map, ashore, ahoy, treasure, cannon, sand
  10. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    As much as you guys hope INNO will throw you loyalty tokens it does not really matter. They already did it. I have my right as much as you to come on here and protest the change. We all know that the people in favor of the changes are happy because they think it will balance the game out. To...
  11. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    When you hear things like why would you want to sit on the game for 10 hours questing to hit the abort limit you know these people have no clue about the issue or the game mechanics. Attrition in a SAAB era quest will impact lower ages? Explain that one. I do agree Inno has been terrible about...
  12. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    First making most of the casual players aware of what happened is the main point. Without majority support no changes will be made. So if people don't really know how big of a deal this is nothing will change. To your point is just because it is not your style of play don't discount what other...
  13. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    I click it thousands of times to fight in battle grounds too. What point are you making? Are you saying because you are not able to that other people must be lying? Inno should be transparent and actually say why they made these changes. Not say abort quests is too difficult on their server...
  14. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    10 hours to abort 2k quests. It would not even take that long on 56k dial up. Questing it takes about 40-60 mins to hit that number. You are speaking of something you have no clue about.
  15. 2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    You have been acting this way for years. This is the first time you ever took any responsibility. At least you are trying now.