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Oct 15, 2018 at 3:36 AM
    1. Gwenivere2
      Snowbelle.. have you ever heard of a neighbor that can stick around the same neighborhood for 6 weeks or more?
      1. Snowbelle
        Yes this can happen. I would recommend working on your technology tree (or research same thing) to advance your age.
        Oct 11, 2018 at 5:35 PM
    2. Gwenivere2
      Anybody know how a player can stay in the same neighborhood for 6 weeks???
    3. Lex Lugar
      Lex Lugar
      Is here any time table for a new world after angkor?
      1. Snowbelle
        No at this time we do not have a date for the next world.
        Jun 8, 2018
    4. munarb
      I have to many people, and houses, how do I get rid of some of them
      1. munarb
        when I try to sell a building it says that I have to many people to sell.
        May 15, 2018
      2. Snowbelle
        You will want to go to your build menu. You will then see a $ at the top middle of your screen. Select that then select the buildings you are wishing to remove. If you have any other questions please let me know.
        May 16, 2018
    5. TrinkOne
      Been here about 2 weeks. Seen the mess you have to negotiate. Kudos for staying the course. ;)
    6. Loppyguy
      just wanted to drop an update...was able to log in normally in the game. lets hope its not a fluke , cheers
    7. eliza1983
      snowbelle you are one of the best!
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    8. eliza1983
      whats the next event and when does it start?
      1. Snowbelle
        As soon as we have details of the next even it will be announced. Sorry we have no further information.
        Apr 21, 2018
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    9. Tigrys the Wrathful
      Tigrys the Wrathful
      Is there a way to get into beta testing? I had the idea for a "store all" in the game, and see you guys are already working on the reconstruction mode, and I am super interested in that!!
      1. braeden12323
        I hate to burst your bubble...but you were not the first to have that idea...or propose it.
        But you can do:
        that is the beta forums link to the game. I assume that is also the beta branch of FoE.
        Apr 18, 2018
    10. DeepGHOST
      I liked F.O.E on Instagram but never received my 3000 Florins or Tickets.. How do I get them?
      1. Snowbelle
        It was a chance to win those tickets, I am very sorry it sounds like you may not have won.
        Apr 21, 2018
    11. centaurgod
      Sorry to bother you, but might you be able to direct me to the proper person to file a complaint with an in-game moderator? I opened a support ticket and was very rudely treated by the rep. I opened a second ticket requesting that another rep be assigned and was told I had to deal with the first rude rep and the ticket was abruptly closed without any other explanation. Thank for any assistance you can provide.
      1. KiwiDragon67
        I'd be interested in this, too, as it seems that any complaint will go via the mod concerned. Which defeats the purpose.
        Sep 17, 2018
    12. samuelvimes
      How do I write to someone who works for Inno? I don't want to post in an open forum like this and I don't want to talk to another player.
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      2. Snowbelle
        I sent you a private message
        Jan 28, 2018
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    13. Lucifer1904
      I see you lurking...
    14. tuefeldog
      Hello, Don't know if I'm using the correct thread, please direct me if this is not right. I'm a CE player and have researched all my technologies. I would like to stay in this era until my GB's are leveled much higher. Currently performing the Halloween Event and task "30" calls for research of a technology. Is there any way around this? I was really looking forward to the Black Tower :( Cheers, TDog
      1. Lucifer1904
        Unless you have a tech you have not yet researched and will not cause you to advance in eras then sadly no.
        Oct 23, 2017
    15. royalAl
      Who can i talk to about this case i allways had a good exp
    16. royalAl
      To CCM Last week I had a problem with the website . The support person was not nice taking care of the problem i try to report it and he close my ticket 2 times saying it is a duplict
      1. Lucifer1904
        Please request to have the ticket sent to a Community Manager by replying to the original ticket. if you open a new one to do so it will be closed because it is considered to be a duplicate.
        Enjoy the game!.
        Oct 19, 2017
    17. ripple67
      I think I screwed on a story quest The quests requires you to infiltrate 3 sectors...however, before reading the new quest, I went to the province, and negotiated with a few sectors in the province, and now there are only 2 sectors left for me to "infiltrate". Am I screwed? Will I be able to get past this story quest, or will it just go away if and when I take over the province. Thank you!
      1. Lucifer1904
        It will auto-correct itself.
        Oct 3, 2017
    18. EzE the Blue
      EzE the Blue
      Hi Atlanta. Me too. LOL it might rain so we are closing school for two days.
      How do I create a proposal in the forum??
      1. EzE the Blue
        EzE the Blue
        never mind. I found the big + button on the side. Glad it was not a snake.
        Sep 12, 2017
    19. HRM Brandon
      HRM Brandon
      How or to who do I report a series of unprofessional responses by a co community manager? Sorry to post this here,, thanks in advance
    20. TwoCents

      a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases:

      Literally the original snake oil....
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