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Recent content by Pericles the Lion

  1. "Offer" pop-ups

    I'm still pissed off about the "heal all" button so I'm not going to pull out the plastic for any offers anytime soon, if ever again.
  2. "Offer" pop-ups

    Is there a way to disable the "Offer" pop-ups that INNO regularly sends (that take 6 clicks on the "X" to erase)?
  3. Unpopular Opinion: Future Era is not the best fighting age

    7600 in a GBG season is good. Remember though that a GBG season is 11 days with 3 off - two weeks in total. In your earlier guild the top hitter did 15K. The player that you mentioned above is averaging what would amount to 30K per season. Maybe he does a lot of GVG as well but 15K battles...
  4. Unpopular Opinion: Future Era is not the best fighting age

    Over the past year he's consistently averaged over 15,000 battles each week. Pretty fast index finger. LOL
  5. Word Association Game

  6. [Question] Forum Ranks

    Ya, the more frequently you post (doesn't matter if it's a lot of male bovine excrement or not) the faster you move up the ladder.
  7. Need help with Tomorrow Era GE4

    Maybe do the same thing on US4 that you are doing on US26? Just sayin'. 50K battles in the last 90 days on your main world suggests that you may know what you're doing.
  8. Tutorial for Castle Game

    Read the announcement. "This feature will become available for everyone who passes through the initial tutorial, meaning that you don't need to research any specific technology in your tech tree. As soon as you finish the initial tutorial, you will see a brand-new off-grid accessible building...
  9. PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    I made this same comment over 4 months ago when PvP was introduced. I was in InA and got matched with the same 3-4 players time and time again. I've aged up to ME but nothing has changed. Same 3-4 players over and over. There are 75 active players in the ranking but I only see 3-4. PvP is...
  10. Get Ready!

    I just don't get it. Spend what, a couple hundred thousand diamonds to get to SAAB? Then spend another couple hundred thousand to buy the bps and goods to build the essential GBs. Not much different from the knuckleheads that buy their kid's way into a top college (except maybe a degree from...
  11. Get Ready!

    I suppose that you can use diamonds to rush the tech tree and to rush scouting but don't you still need to have goods (for negos) or units (for battles) to get thru the cMap?
  12. Guild Admin - Applications versus Invite Only

    OMG! Replies are supposed to add something relevant to the discussion? All along I've been following your example....based on your typical reply it's never occurred to me that replies needed to be relevant. I'll keep this in mind going forward. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Guild Admin - Applications versus Invite Only

    There's also a third way. "Join". Some guilds have what amounts to open enrollment, anybody can join.
  14. [Guide] Higher Age Units Guide v1.22

    You would have had to do a LOT more research had @UBER not gone to the trouble to compile his Guide. I did not find the guide to be vague. I followed his guidance to the letter and completed the FE cMap and FE questline (when in InA) having only a few questions that he was kind enough to...
  15. New Idea Notification Badges

    From INNO's perspective it may be a good idea if it results in fewer resources being consumed. I'm thinking that INNO is going to act in their own self-interest so, if the notification badge saves them money they'd be more inclined to adopt it.