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Recent content by poptartpoochie

  1. poptartpoochie

    Quest “Donate Goods to Treasury”

    Thanks!! For a few years my Obs collections were counting toward the Quests, so I was confused why that got removed when I added the SoH. I suppose I just got lucky for a while
  2. poptartpoochie

    Quest “Donate Goods to Treasury”

    This has been bothering me for a while... When a Quest wants me to donate Goods to the guild treasury, why do collections from certain buildings apply to this and others don’t? At first, only my Obs collection counted as donations for these Quests- but notmy Arc. Now only my Statue of Honor...
  3. poptartpoochie

    2020 GB Goods Costs?

    Now that my Arc finally hit 80, I’m itching to put up some new GBs! But I can’t find any recent info about the going rates... I’d love to plan ahead, so feel free to comment if you’re selling!!! Thanks in adnavce!
  4. poptartpoochie

    Any 1.9X threads out there?

    Shadow Empire has an active 1.9 thread, however we do have minimum requirements for GE and GBG for all members
  5. poptartpoochie

    Challenge 3

    1- D 2-E 3-B 4-A 5-F 6-C
  6. poptartpoochie

    Challenge 1

    A: 9 B: 3 C: 4
  7. poptartpoochie

    FoE Soccer Cup 2016 - Feedback

    Please change the purchase methods for rewards in the Soccer Event. By barely brushing the screen on my phone, I have unwittingly purchased 2 awful rewards & have wasted most of my hard-earned trophies on junk. Could you please add a warning screen before allowing someone to purchase a reward...