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Recent content by Pumbaa the Great

  1. Feedback for update 1.214

    From Beta CM. I said, that I can share some information with you. Sorry that it took longer than expected. The following text will cover multiple things you raised in the past. The situation is currently like this: Firstly, we have put a lot of resources and development time into fixing...
  2. Exchanging event buildings in Antique Dealer

    The best ones are the event window timer screenshot... Happens every event... :cool:
  3. Don't You Hate It When...

    Don't you hate it when people still beat on that very dead horse (heal all button) over and over again. It isn't going to make anyone in Inno change their minds. It is obvious that the button is going to stay where it currently is. Especially after it has been in beta for over a month and a...
  4. Traz help

    To add on to this, you don't need it built to get the troops (in the mud). You can build it and collect your traz and than delete the troop building.
  5. Castle System Feedback

    If you forget and break your own rule, maybe run a 15 min extra GE or a 30 min attack boost. Than run your supply boost.
  6. Colored swords and shields

    Yes, that is true. I know there was something that I was missing.
  7. Set building bonuses

    As long as they are not the same building. Like placing 2 wheat fields, you will not receive the set bonuses for that field (or whichever set you put together). Only used the harvest field for example.
  8. Colored swords and shields

    Red Sword = Attack boost for Attacking Army (GvG, GbG, GE, PvP, Neighbors) Red Shield = Defense boost for Attacking Army (GvG, GbG, GE, PvP, Neighbors) Blue Sword = Attack boost for City (defending) Army Blue Shield = Defense boost for City (defending) Army
  9. Feedback for update 1.214

    Unless you are a "whale" and spend thousands of dollars on diamonds a month, I really doubt you'll put a dent in Inno profit margin.
  10. Feedback for update 1.214

    GOOD... Maybe they will move the rankings (guild and personal) to something else in the game. There is more to this game than just gvg.
  11. Feedback for update 1.214

    I feel the only way to truly stop auto-bot/auto-clickers/macros (or whatever the current term is for them) is the randomize the buttons (retreat/auto battle/start next battle) on 2 wave battles and move the Ok button randomly between the 3 spots (where it is at and the spaces to each side) on...
  12. Spin the Wheel probabilities

    Never played Zork. And I'm pushing 50. I feel that the need of the spin and compass are unnecessary and adds to the potential of creating bugs. I'm not saying remove the effects, just give us the option to disable it like you did with the parallax effect.
  13. Spin the Wheel probabilities

    I suggested the disable button. If you want to feel like you have control over the wheel than don't disable it. I'm sure you probably still have the parallax enabled.
  14. Spin the Wheel probabilities

    That is why I suggested the disable button. So you young whipper snippers can act like you have control over everything... :cool: