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Recent content by RaveWolf

  1. RaveWolf

    May Competition

    History Civilization Anthropology Excavation Archaeology Geology Artifact Museum Archaeologist Stonehenge Settlement Evolution Past Analysis Architecture I want my prize on Korch! Thankyou.
  2. RaveWolf

    Feedback for update 1.225

    Fair enough (within the context of the game), but taken literally Manually = doing each and every Aid one by one whether it be 'in City' by clicking on each building one at a time or via each individual 'Aid button' as opposed to clicking once and having it Automated. Clicking the Aid button is...
  3. RaveWolf

    Feedback for update 1.225

    Yes I am aware of how it used to be. I just wish people used words for what they actually mean.
  4. RaveWolf

    Feedback for update 1.225

    Just curious... You state " When manually aiding a player ..." not sure what this means as it implies that there is an Automatic process which everyone has been begging for for years now.
  5. RaveWolf

    November Competition

    B3, E3, B7, E7 I want my prize on Korch!
  6. RaveWolf

    New Message Center Feedback

    I read through all the comments (at least I hope I did) and do not see these Ideas mentioned. This appears to be the Feedback Thread for the Message Center, so posting here as requested, as my 'New Suggestion' post was removed. Some Suggestions for the Message Center: Have an option where you...
  7. RaveWolf

    Feedback for Update 1.211

    I agree, we do need something there as an indicator, although I've learned that it's in the same order as per the columns below. It may take some getting used to for newer players, but with that said, once you select an item it will filter the list, so you will have your answer once selected...
  8. RaveWolf

    August Contest - Summer Event!

  9. RaveWolf

    Feedback for Update 1.211

    No More Auto Scroll... Thank you Soooooooo Freaking much!! :D I was actually going to check if this was already requested before doing so myself. Now I don't have to.
  10. RaveWolf

    Event Hub Feedback

    Also a bit lost on the info... I've refreshed my browser multiple times during the day.
  11. RaveWolf

    Feedback for the Guild Forum Removal

    I agree that Guild Forums needs to be improved so that Mobile users can see the info, but I think putting it in the Guild Messages is a wise idea. The Message Center, Although much better than before is still fairly cluttered, but manageable. Don't get me wrong, it is a thousand times better...
  12. RaveWolf

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Just look at the various Quotes / Strategies in 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu... Not everything is about "Physical" Strength, who's played the longest, who has more fighters / members, etc. 'Balance' is relative. History is rife with small armies beating bigger armies simply because of their...
  13. RaveWolf

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Your League Level is based on League Points, Not your Guild Level. Yes, Sure, the stronger your Guild the better chance you have. If you end up in Diamond League, it's because your Guild put the in the effort to getting there and played their cards right and built up Good Alliances. Being in...