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    October contest

    Jaimes is the place. Yay!!
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    Christmas in July Give away

    Thanks INNO for the chance to win something else for my BD. Wish List: (1) SOKs (2) Victory Towers (3) Renovation Kits And a Partridge in a pear tree. < ; )~
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    Goods Buildings Total on Main Page

    Regarding Goods Building: I suggest that the box showing time to collect and points to next level have another box with the total goods. I realize that that info is in the inventory but knowing this cuts down on the back and forth and when to remove it.
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    Tell us a scary story, win a USB drive card!

    The Ghoul and her Mummy decided to go shopping at the Midnight Black Friday sale at the local mall. They had to take the hurst because the Limo was out for servicing. They didn't have any problems until they came to a blood red light. The people sitting in the car next to them in couldn't...
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    Halloween Costume Contest- WIN 500 DIAMONDS AND A HAUNTED HOUSE!

    Princess Myciena Gone Wild In New Orleans Princess Myciena In New Orleans, LAfile:///Users/lindabarker/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202015-10-19%20at%201.58.24%20PM.png
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    Live answers -- Ask Me Anything about the Birthday Contest!

    how do I know if I win?
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    RedJello Jaims
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    aid all

    Aid Button Without Clicking Multiple Times :)I think it would be better, faster and easier if the Aid buttons could be linked like when we collect. Click on the Aid button and hold down and move across under the faces or have a double row in news to separate Aid from the other functions and...
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    [Question] Streamers?

    Colonial Age -- Sailmakers
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    Looking for Friends

    RedJello will M/P you every day if you will be her friend
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    Mount Killmore Friends Request List

    RedJello will M/P you everyday if you will be her friend
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    Looking for friends for daily m/p in J - saradis

    RedJello will M/P you everyday if you will be my friend.
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    Looking for Friends?

    I will M/P you every day if you will be my friend.
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    Friends List: if you are looking for friends, add your name here

    RedJello is looking for friends. Will promise to M/P every day. If you have a special request post it to your message board, ie. coins, supplies, etc.