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  1. Changelog 1.40 - Feedback

    No. Or at least, not this way. The treasure hunt rewards a) doing nothing (not playing the game, just sitting there) b) by yourself c) in one world d) for people who can play at a particular tempo/set of times each day. This is the antithesis of what I think think the game should be trying to...
  2. Need to be able to rotate buildings

    Building rotation is the first thing on the Do Not Suggest list.
  3. Forwarded Motivate and Polish 2.0

    This is my favorite part of the proposal. Just making the stars jump out more would help a lot. Otherwise I'm ambivalent. If you get colored stars to motivate, plunderers should get colored lightning bolts (so they can be more or less annoying if they choose).
  4. GvG: Limit pirates with these changes

    There are two parts to this proposal; I'm happy with the second one, and not the first. The problem is not the first siege, it's the second, third, tenth, &c. There are 3 suggestions I've been mulling around to deal with the 'pirate problem': 1) The cost of a siege increases with the number of...
  5. Messaging Improvements

    It looks like in 1.33 the subject replaces the recipients in the mailbox. I like the other minor tweaks here - using the guild emblem for guild messages, the little avatar for the last respondent in a multi-person thread, and having a hybrid subject/from line.
  6. Forwarded Option to have every building become transparent

    I'm for it. Also I'm sad that I can't rep ThePhantom again yet.
  7. Forwarded Medals for Treasury Contributions

    My sense was that it was not very common at all, until medals were available for purchase in the soccer event. People who had been playing long enough to have spent a fair amount of time waiting for new ages would run out of medal expansions, but not so much players who hadn't gotten that far...
  8. Option to turn off bouncing stars on decorations

    Anything that can be polished or motivated needs to have the bouncing star. And what jaelis said - if you don't want people polishing decorations, don't build them.
  9. Marketplace Tweak

    Katwijk, you do realise this is a game, meant to be played for fun? You don't need to force your guild to run at maximum efficiency, and in trying you seem like you're sucking all of the fun out of it for your guild mates.
  10. Wondering when we will get what was promised!!!

    It's out on the international server; my best guess is that there was a problem with it somewhere, and they are holding back the rest of the servers. Yes, it's annoying, but I'm glad they said "this is coming shortly, but we can't say for sure when" rather than not saying anything at all.
  11. Is this rumour or truth

    The only penalty for supporting Stone Age items is you cannot get a blueprint from them. There is no 'counter' for blueprint drops; each drop chance is completely independent of any other, but the chance of a Stone Age building dropping a blueprint is 0 rather than very low.
  12. Fair Trading

    If you are offering the trade, someone has to take it before what you're asking for goes up. If you are taking the trade and not getting what you're supposed to, please contact support (right click on the game and select "Contact Support" and someone can help you figure out what's wrong.
  13. Change Log 1.29 - Feedback

    I would only expect it to go live for us in the (US) overnight, rather than suddenly in the middle of the day while many people are on.
  14. Fixed Great Building benefit narratives

    It's just a glitch. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, but until then, you can check the Great Buildings Encyclopedia.
  15. [Guide] City planner / simulator

    Works for me just fine; I just loaded up a new city.