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  1. Challenge 3

    a4, b3, c5, d1, e2, f5
  2. Challenge 1

    b3, c4, a9
  3. Contest day 7

    Best memory on FOE is the day i started.
  4. Contest day 5

  5. Contest day 3

    the wicked witch
  6. Contest day 1

    found 2
  7. Contest day 1

  8. Servers Crashed

    game is still laggy and screen freezes often, GVG ha forget it, very aggravating
  9. One-Down Kit

  10. GvG Lag - "tile 38,75"

    New I see no reason why this cannot be fixed,
  11. Unlimited "Grant Freedom" Actions for Founders

    End champ farming = don't allow resiege of a released sector for 96 hrs. same as the stoopid ban on fighting when changing guilds
  12. Unlimited "Grant Freedom" Actions for Founders

    i agree with this proposal 100%
  13. Share the Love, Everyone wins

    East Nagach
  14. My Arc suddenly dropped from level 52 to 28???

    this is the stupidest thing done yet to effect everyone in the game for a GB that hardly no one has and was so easy to build for new comers, and is quit useless otherwise, nice going inno.