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Recent content by Sanscash

  1. Inventory Kits

    Arya66 Thanks for the information.
  2. Inventory Kits

    Is there any way to unlock or delete the kits that accumulate in one's inventory
  3. Equity???

    Thank you, I will play the old world until my new city (without the military) is established and then delete the original.
  4. Equity???

    Have a nice day......
  5. Equity???

    Is there a technology that I can ignore that will prevent attacks from neighbors if I start again in a new world?
  6. Equity???

    Actually I played this game as USNAVYVET several years ago up to the progressive age, but life circumstances dictated i terminate my membership in FOE. So I think I possess some knowledge of the game. However, some members, myself included would prefer to not attack other members nor be...
  7. Equity???

    Sorry, but my experience belies this statement.
  8. Equity???

    It appears to me that the emphasis is less on "playing the game" than it is "feeding the egos of those who are willing to buy diamonds" If you want to make the game competitive and not monetary, restrict the conflicts to members of the same age. Who demonstrates competence by attacking a...
  9. Equity???

  10. Equity???

    What is the mindset of permitting a member of another age to attack and plunder members of previous ages? When the attack enhancement is 200% on the attacking units what is the recourse for the defenders. I dont see any competitive value in this process. Explain to me why I should think this...