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    When is the best time to move up to the next era?

    So I levelled up prematurely during this latest event because I wanted better prizes from the wheel. I got stung a little at the beginning, but then won a bunch of tanks/troops that let me catch up. I think that sometimes (if you're thinking about levelling) to do it before or during a major...
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    When is the best time to move up to the next era?

    I'm new and haven't read other people's advice, but here is what I found going from the Bronze Era to the Progressive Era. Make sure you have at the very least a good supply of goods from your current age coming in. This is because you will still need many of your goods even in the next age...
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    How often do the special sales go for diamonds?

    I have been offered diamond deals four times since the start of the 2019 Summer Event. Once right before for 50%+ diamonds, twice during the event for extra dabloons and still during the event another diamonds +50% offer. Gonna hold out for at least a 100% offer which I have used before.
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    Feudal Japan Feedback

    I was a little worried with the wording of the announcment because it said before starting Japan you need to either finish Vikings or abandon settlement. It just didn't seem clear to me that "finish Vikings" means the entire sequence of the upgrade/emissary rounds or just the current settlement...
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    Checkmate Square is Finally On Sale for Diamonds

    It came up again as a Half Time sale during the Soccer Event
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    Improvements to the Army Management

    [/SPOILER] Brilliant!!
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    Improvements to the Army Management

    I support this idea 110%. If the graphics could be done right you might even be able to see the difference between your attached and unattached units on the same icon square. Great suggestion!
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    1-Hour Production Rush

    Whoa... what the heck is this.... I started 20 production buildings on a 1-hour job and then used my 1-hour production bouns but nothing happened. I spent two of these and the counter for my production buildings remains unchanged. What kind of unholy witchcraft is this? Sincerely, -Pissed
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    Still no Aide all friends button

    ALT+F4 does the trick too.
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    I'm on a 7-day dirt nap.

    I'm on a 7-day dirt nap.
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    Highest Attack/Defense Boost?

    @delotta Getting plundered isn't fun. Trust me, I know. But there are so many different ways to prevent it from happening. I got plundered all the time (and still do occasionally) when the neighbourhood shifts at puts me next to someone from one of the psycho kids from the movie, Divergent. In...
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    Word Association Game

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    Wishing there was a way to advance time so I can start a battle.

    Wishing there was a way to advance time so I can start a battle.
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    Impossible Questions

    In a set of 367 randomly chosen people, at least two of them should have the same birthday. However, 99% probability is reached with just 57 people, and 50% probability with 23 people. Go figure!
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    Word Association Game