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  1. Looking primarily for a trading Guild

    Greetings, I am not a battle strategist, never have been, never will be. I am horrible at it. LOL I did do my first GE's last night though and they are very cool (but only because I can negotiate my way through). So, I am looking for a Guild that is primarily for trade with the occasional GE's...
  2. Looking for friends who need their LMA items motivated and polished daily

    LMA primarily for now. We can all work our way up in ages together. :)Just send me an invite. Slo
  3. Want to join a trading, M/P only guild

    Greetings and Hallucinations, I just started my third city here and am a good way through the bronze age and producing goods. I am also in need of trades already. I know how valuable it can be to join a guild as soon as possible. So you know, I M/P daily. My only concern is I don't want to join...