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  • hamburger cheeseburger big mac whopper
    whopper whopper whopper whopper junior double triple whopper impossible or bacon whopper I rule this day at bk have it your way you rule
    whopper whopper whopper whopper junior double triple whopper flame grilled taste with perfect toppers I rule this day at bk have it your way you rule
    And there's the other one I forgot
    idk why but for some reason last nights dream i was checking on the forum for forge of empires and for some reason my account didnt exist, i immediately felt like it was terminated for some reason before i woke up lol
    why is ban you! game dead?
    Because it requires people to keep it going, and there's only so many times of repeating the exact same thing before it starts to become boring
    looked at the first five pages of replies it actually dosent seem that repetitive
    Just finished the EMA Bonus provinces. Ive been saving up goods and soldiers for this. That deserted army is at an end. Onto the HMA provinces.
    High Middle Ages! Got all EMA technologies done and some EMA goods buildings. Onwards to the High Middle Ages!
    Looks like final EMA bonus province requires HMA goods. Ill upgrade my good buildings and houses to EMA then enter HMA ages and land
    Dominating the provinces on the continent map for EMA. Was able to build up a bunch of EMA goods for negotiating most of the final provinces. Im gonna start towards getting the barbarian mountains and then acquire Felssenke.
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