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Recent content by spnnr

  1. spnnr

    August Contest - Summer Event!

    PROART-parrot LLSKU- skull TYNUIM-mutiny PSIH-ship FGLA-flag APKLN-plank AISLND-island RTOP-port CVEO-cove SJEELW-jewels HGHI AESS –High seas LGDO-gold UOREG-rogue CORHAN-anchor WECR-crew RLUPNED -plunder TOIEDUH-hideout RFITS ETAM-first mate EELK-keel PMA-map ERASOH...
  2. spnnr

    Rewarding riddle ride competition

    Age choice 19th day candle expansions
  3. spnnr

    Maze competition

  4. spnnr

    Stupid decisions, blunders and mistakes.

    Lots to choose from but here's a few: -deleting my monastery by accident and didn't realize I could have begged support to return it :( -Invested in Capitol /Deal and ended up deleting them at level 7 :rolleyes: -while playing GVG instead of sieging with rogues on a higher age map-I accidentally...
  5. spnnr

    Challenge 3

    A-4 B-3 C-6 D-1 E-2 F-5
  6. spnnr

    Challenge 1

    1-Winter 2-Forge bowl 3-Fall 4- Archaeology 5-Spring 6-Summer 7-St Patrick's 8-Halloween
  7. spnnr

    Challenge 1

    A - 1 B- 3 C-4
  8. spnnr

    Allegiance : Honor, Speed and Loyalty

    lol :)
  9. spnnr

    Allegiance : Honor, Speed and Loyalty

    Guild : a group of people who have joined together in pursuit of a common interest. Allegiance continues to develop at a good pace : -Active Membership stands at 24 as of now -level 36 -Platinum level guild (inspite of aiming to remain in gold league) -Ranked 44 in G world Allegiance aka “The...
  10. spnnr

    Word association game

  11. spnnr

    Word association game

  12. spnnr

    Word association game

  13. spnnr

    Word association game