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Recent content by Tarcotti

  1. Tarcotti

    Nobody gonna ask for this?

    I'm not sure why you are asking for handouts just because the server is down...?
  2. Tarcotti

    Feedback for The Galata Tower!

    I opened up a Beta world just to test this theory, got to IA. Got plundered for the first time, and the quest did NOT trigger. Same for friends on beta server too. I don't know why people said that was the only way to trigger it. I always assumed it was a % to trigger. Which would make sense why...
  3. Tarcotti

    New Message Center Feedback

    Yeah our members are asking us to move all the messages to the guild tab, then I came to because I thought I was missing something. Seems like a huge oversight. Can this be fixed? Or are we going to have to delete everything and start over? Wow....I guess so.
  4. Tarcotti

    Show level upgrades for building

    I actually want to thank you for not being rude. You’re right in the way that this wasn’t the game for him. He plays DND and has researched THAT game to death. He likes in depth games. Just not this one. But it’s not just him. Most people I’ve invited to this game have quit over time because...
  5. Tarcotti

    Forwarded Show building stats from the new era before using a Renovation/One Up Kit

    Yeah I thought the same thing... like I said in that post, I’m always up for less research and more in game time.
  6. Tarcotti

    Show level upgrades for building

    I think what everyone always forgets about, especially on the forums, is new players. When my husband tried to play FOE. I was telling him so much information that wasn’t in the actual game itself. He was astounded by the amount of time he’d have to spend looking up and learning everything. And...
  7. Tarcotti

    GBG: two separate roles, one for focus marker another for builder

    I’m echoing what others have said. It seems more of a guild problem then a game problem.
  8. Tarcotti

    Animal avatars

    -1 As already said...the avatars serve as the representations of rulers of the city, I think they should be people. What little animals we have is enough.
  9. Tarcotti

    Daily quest not done reminder

    I'd like the idea of, instead of it being just the guy...a red X or something when its not done, and then its replaced by the green check mark when it is. Or the current system is fine too. I just feel like there's more important things that could use an update. So....I'm 1/2 in too.
  10. Tarcotti

    Checkbox in Group Settings to “remove exiting guild members”

    I feel like the message system needs to be made to be more user friendly. I wish there was a single topic on this, but instead I keep coming across a lot of little tweaks to the system. I want a large overhaul.
  11. Tarcotti

    Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is recruiting!

    I'll send you a message through the game :)
  12. Tarcotti

    Modify "Market" Tab on Desktop

    +1 He does say no to everything haha. So when I do play on PC, I’ve noticed I have to go back in forth between the drop box and the list to double check the eras. It’s more efficient on mobile. It’s also easier to aid everyone on mobile. And that is the reason I stick to mobile. Lots of...
  13. Tarcotti

    Tavern Upgrade Proposal

    I posted kinda the same thing in the questions section awhile ago to see if there was any interest before doing a proposal. Not many people responded. Which I think is ridiculous if you think about it. No one is interested because the tavern is kind of outdated. It needs an update to bring back...