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Recent content by Tbill

  1. Tbill

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Solution: join a top guild. I did and now it's a blast in GBG,
  2. Tbill

    Missed rewards in GBG since upgrade

    Tried almost everything i can think of. It only happens about 1% of the time. Not a show stopper, just annoying.
  3. Tbill

    Missed rewards in GBG since upgrade

    I have had a couple of instances where the gbg rewards did not appear in my city (FP, SoH Fragments, Goods). Has anyone else experienced this. I have opened a support ticket. They are saying nothing in logs and having difficulty recreating it. If it is happening to others then they may be able...
  4. Tbill

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    My experience with GBG is very simple. I enjoy it. I don't analyze it to death and i don't particularly care if it's balanced. It's fun. I suggest you play for the fun and forget the odds.
  5. Tbill

    Sniping guide for new and intermediate players

    I find, if i am not sure, a quick message to the owner will clarify whether to put them in or not. It tends to end well for me and them this way. Sometimes they say if i am going to put in FP what the spot will normally go for to not hurt what they're doing and i gain an ally in the process...
  6. Tbill

    Selling Goods for GB's

    You could just pony up the diamonds. The value is consistent with the price for a good. The ROI has proven while worth the investment into my enjoyment.
  7. Tbill

    Antiques Dealer

    In the last two days i have gotten 300 FP equivalent to 15000 diamonds from stuff i acquired in the special event and didn't want and sold. Just be choosey about what is offered.
  8. Tbill


    Actually, I dis buy the celtic forest and sept cottage with diamonds. Not one diamond spent on a bakery or upgrade.
  9. Tbill


    No, I bought diamonds at the bonus windows and got event points for them. I never spent any diamond in the event.
  10. Tbill


    I have 10 in one world and 8 in another. You can get the full set without difficulty.
  11. Tbill

    Winter Bakery Set Bonus

    Macaron, Marzipan, gingerbread, lussebullar
  12. Tbill

    Winter Bakery Set Bonus

    Have you researched the building in the wiki? It explains a lot about all buildings and GBs too.
  13. Tbill

    [Question] CVS and Dollar Tree?

    I have never had an issue from Canada.
  14. Tbill

    Unformatted Goods Development summary

    The list of goods and quantity is in your inventory. The rest is only automation to save you looking at it and deciding what to do. Waste of programming resources IMHO.