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  1. October contest

    Log in East-Nagach
  2. Crystal Villa Rebalancing Feedback

    ill have 10000 negative population; i dont plan on changing anything ... if the game becomes unplayable then i will stop playing ....
  3. January Lottery Thread

    5867 Wishing well East-Nagach
  4. I lost all my big neighbors.

    friend them
  5. December Lottery Thread

    8371 Ziggurat e world
  6. Tavern looks great and all, but . . .

    yep .. good idea , .. the tavern needs a lot of work ...
  7. Forwarded Guild Armory

    yep , I like it :)
  8. FP from GB rewarded as FP Packs

    sounds good
  9. Forwarded Forge of Empires Guild thread

    ahhh :)
  10. Forwarded Forge of Empires Guild thread

    lol ok i need to know what obscured profanity is .... lol , really , I have never seen that phrase before :)
  11. Move GVG Reset Time Later

    moving the time dose not do anything for the lag ...
  12. Great Building For Sale! Come and See What I have for you.

    .... just WOW lol :eek:
  13. Extremely bad lag

    REALLLLLLLYYY BAD ....... takes like 20 sec. to go from town to town ..... unplayable
  14. 3 word phrase game

    organic rejuvenating energy