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  1. Guild Invitation request

    From the " Global" tab hit " Global Ranking" then in the search bar type it in and it will show up and you can apply or join from there. Just did it and they showed up.
  2. The Academy has room for new Recruits

    Howdy This is my 3rd world and on the cusp if EMA. Was hoping to get at least Zeus or ToB B4 I looked for a guild but having trouble with neighbors having them or actively working on leveling them up so here I am. Always active and willing to help. Love GE and will do my best to advance and...
  3. I'm Looking for a Quild with Active Members.

    I don't fight but negotiate everything so the guild needs to be active fair traders (within guild). I have just entered the Late Mid Ages and had to leave the guild I was in. The upper players left the guild cause the guild was inactive so I'm following suit. With out trades I can't progress...