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Recent content by The1Reaper

  1. The1Reaper

    Guild/Guild mates gets rewarded for....

    This is a ideal I submitted and why I added the poll. This is partly a discussion but mostly a ideal I would like added to the game!
  2. The1Reaper

    Guild/Guild mates gets rewarded for....

    So say a guild mate buys a diamond package either it be a $20 package diamonds or the $200 package of diamonds then the guild mated and/or the guild would be rewarded for them making a the purchase and would either get something like Forge points, goods, troops etc. This would be a great...
  3. The1Reaper

    New incident?

    Those are not new but show up at a certain age, I can't remember what age it is.
  4. The1Reaper

    City Shield

    Honestly it is set up so that your hoodies have a chance to plunder you but also at the same time it is set up so that you can log in put up another shield!
  5. The1Reaper

    I see players in GB that said Deleted

    It does that if either you are inactive or of Forge of Empires deletes them!
  6. The1Reaper


    It's not really experimenting now but rather common for people to trade down across the severs!
  7. The1Reaper

    Suggestion.. for Guilds

    They will most likley will never add it as Inno has to follow strict privacy laws, and they stick to not breaking those laws like gorilla glue!
  8. The1Reaper

    Has anybody's screen looked like this?

    I had this issues a little while ago, and normally I fix it but a simple refresh or clearing cache then refreshing the browser!
  9. The1Reaper

    Forwarded Sortable Columns

    I could see a edit to this by sorting them by active and none active players or even oldest to newest donated too!
  10. The1Reaper

    Water-based properties connect to water on shoreline when placed adjacent to shore

    This would require a lot of reworking of the game and I honestly do not see the game designer doing this!
  11. The1Reaper

    Unformatted Event buy forgepoints quest

    I am sure they will not change this as anyone can buy forge points!
  12. The1Reaper

    Upcoming PVP Arena Feedback

    I can not wait to try it out
  13. The1Reaper

    Challenge 1

    1-A; 3-B; 6-C
  14. The1Reaper

    [Question] GVG Database?

    Does anyone know of a forge of empires database that you can tell details for players besides the one below? https://www.forge-db.com/us/us11/?server=us11&world=Langendorn
  15. The1Reaper