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    Challenge 1

    1. winter 2. forge bowl 3. Fall 4. Archaeology 5. summer 6. St Patrick's Day 7. Halloween
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    How are some guilds in gold/silver league already?

    Where can you see your guilds MMR point standing?
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    Guild vs Guild Improvements Feedback

    Ive been playing FOE for 5 years, so I have plenty of experience in GvG. I too wish to respond to the upcoming changes. Additional Recalculation Timers change daily calculation to 4-hourly calculation. Within this the Guild Power, Guild Ranking, GvG Support Pool bonus and sector protection will...
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    Production Supply Building which timer did I start? Solution

    while i do have a city plan in each of my cities and my buildings are in nice rows, when you get in the higher ages, a lot of the supply buildings are different sizes, not to mention the crazy 2 lane road requirements. I have some supply bldgs that are 5x4, 4x6, 5x6 and then there are your...
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    Ability to see when guild members are on line

    sorry, i too dont think its a good idea
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    Make Visit Tavern Button work like Aid Button

    Yes i agree, you should be able to just sit in tavern without viewing it everytime, but there should still be a way to be able to view it if you want or need to.
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    Add new feature to the Guild.

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    Production Supply Building which timer did I start? Solution

    This would have been very helpful in this 5year event. Its taking soo long to scout a providence, that i have to set up my supply buildings for both 1 hour and 4 hour to finish this event on time. But when i go to collect from my finished productions, because i have so many different supplies...
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    Guild Expedition Rewards

    The Tower of Relic gives you some great prizes in GE...the higher you level it up...the better chance of really good rewards. I got a Terrance Farm from a green dragon. It gives some great prizes you just have to be patient.
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    Forwarded Treasury Donation Filter

    I vote yes!
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    Spring Lantern event.

    you need at least 1 more: EEntrance , or NPond...that will help you. you really need 2 more (one of each)
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    [Question] Attacking

    if you are using rogues...usually 2 heavies and 6 rogues in any age. Its really about finding the right combination in GE, each fight requires a different combo with rogues. In colonial the Light and artillary with a couple of rogues also works well.
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    [Question] Question for plunderers

    I like the challenge of this game. If it was too easy, it would be boring for everyone. Do i like getting plundered no, but it challenges me to ask myself...what can i do to not get plundered or as often? This is what i love about this game. I use this to improve my city...improve my city...